February 2016

Baby massage is a way of showing care and great love for the baby. Science has proven that the daily massage help develops and enhance brain health for the baby. Moreover, they always like being massaged. You should create a daily massage routine for your darling. The best time to massage the baby is after a bath with warm water. Meanwhile, they are very refreshing. You just massage gently to help them relax and fall asleep easily.

Benefits of massage:

Massage for infants delivered many valuable benefits for parents and of course for the baby.

  • There is a period of rest after the stress of the day for both parent and baby, as well as a great opportunity to increase the coherence. Only the father / mother and baby, really focus with no uninterrupted time to touch each other, communicate with each other in the eyes, the smell of the body, voice and other sounds will help you and your baby understand each other more deeply. Both parties will have the opportunity to better understand their own emotions and feelings for each other. The time period for the massage really helps foster the trust.
  • Massage helps stimulate the production of some hormones to create a sense of comfort, endorphins and oxytocin, which is called “hormone of love”. Therefore, when they feel so palatable, you might feel the same!


To let your dear comprehensively develop and stay healthy, one of the most important things you need to do is giving children a balance and science diet.

In the first few months, the young take place fairly simple food because they are mainly breastfed. But in the period from 4-6 months of age onwards, you can begin to add solid foods to multiple choices and nutrition to children reasonably. If you are being parents for the first time, this can cause you a little difficult because you do not know where to start, or how to avoid unnecessary things like allergic food can cause to your dear.

Understanding this, we give you a series of recipes for a child in each age range shared from practical experience of the other mothers and evaluation of nutrition experts.

A healthy diet with full quality is one of an essential requirements of the baby daily. In the first months of life, breast milk is considered the main source of nutrition for babies. In the period from 4-6 months of age, she can set complementary feeding. Also, you should note more about food safety for the baby.

Maybe, for the new parents, to take care of their first child, this time will be a little nervous because they have never had the experience, but not worry. (more…)

To take care of infants properly, mothers must equip with the knowledge related to them, such as how to improve the slumbers of your newborn, how to change diapers, how to massage… because care for babies is not an easy job, especially for those who are the first-time motherhood.

How to change diapers for infants

Immediately after birth, one of the things you will have to do every day, even every hour is changing a diaper. This activity takes many times a day because the child has urinated activities, and you need to keep the baby in a clean and dry environment. Therefore, you must become an expert in changing diapers in a short time. However, changing the baby’s diaper is not merely a matter of hygiene, it is also an ideal opportunity for parents and babies to “interact” with each other, as usual, and she’ll wake when changing diapers. Many types of diapers today have the advantage of modern science and technology which are so creative and designed with unique multi-layer type diapers. Key to this innovative technology is to help them become the kind of high-permeability diapers on the market.

Changing a diaper is a great opportunity to interact and “talk” with the little baby. Therefore, it is encouraged fathers to join together to do this on a regular basis. Then, he can realize that this job is really enjoyable.

How to bath your infants

Babies often bath very early by the midwife since they were born. But the first time you bathe your baby, you may be very nervous and worried about it.

When you bathe your baby, make sure your baby’s umbilical cord area should be kept as dry as possible to help prevent infection. Ask your doctor or midwife for advice about how to take care of the umbilical cord until it falls naturally in about 10 days. (more…)