Top 5 Best Brands for Balance Bike

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You might feel overwhelmed by the variety of balance market available on the market. Understanding what they offer and match them with what you are looking for, you will come up on the most suitable bike for yourselves. After researching and considering to learn more top rated balance bike reviews, this article will provide the top 5 balance bike for your child regarding their ages.

1. Strider 12” Version Sport with No-pedal

There are many reasons why Strider’s balance bike lies on top of the list. First, the price is reasonable and comes with high quality with 2 years warranty and versatility. It offers many colours to choose. Secondly, the seat is easily adjusted. You can drop down to your child height, no matter they are 18 months or 5 years. So, this is a good investment since the long span of ages. Furthermore, it comes with an XL seat for big kids, which is a bonus. Thirdly, the frame is lightweight which is only 6.7 pounds but able to hold up a 60-pound rider. Fourthly, its foam tires and footrests enable the kid to bring up their feed behind the seat. More fun to enjoy.

Instead of brakes, the model has safety pads and quality grips placed on the handlebars. It requires minimal assembly to use the bike. That the model can be customized for your colour options and simplicity requirement is its best features.

2. Strider 12” version Classic  with No-pedal

There are similarities and differences between Strider 12” Classic version and Strider 12” Version Sport.

  • Firstly, they are similar at the price: very inexpensive and affordable.
  • Secondly, the classic version has the same range of colour options.
  • Thirdly, they both have a seat that can be easily adjusted, hence, suitable for toddlers from 18 months up to 3 years, along with a 2-year warranty.
  • Fourthly, it comes with an extra-large seat, just like the sports version, for larger kids.
  • Fifthly, no brakes attached. Both versions have grip instead, therefore, minimal assembly required. It also has industrial foam tires, as well as footrests placed on the frame.

We’ve done with the similarities, now what are the differences?

First of all, regarding of the extra seats coming along, Classic version offer a mini-seat for the toddler under 36 months too. Secondly, regarding of weight, this version weighs reasonably at 6.7 pounds and can bear a 60 pounds rider.

The strength here is low price and extra included seat (besides the padded one)

3. Kazam’s Classic  version of Balance bike

Targeting children from 3 to 6 years old, Kazan’s classic version balance bike is traditionally designed for simple adjustment to seat and handlebars. Moreover, it also offers a wide range of colours.  Compared to Strider’s 12” balance bike, Kazan’s classic version balance bike is almost twice heavier with the weight of 11.2 pounds but can hold a rider up to 75 pounds. 11.2 pound is still lightweight enough for children.

The tire is rubber made and air filled. It has very little grip instead of brakes placed on a soft plastic handlebar. On the base in front of seats are footrests, which offer 2-year-old warranty. The bike stands out for its frame which is a unique feature and one of most comfortable and cushioned seat available in the market

4. Mini Glider’s Balance Bike

This bike belongs to the middle segmentation so the price is moderate. It only offers a few different colours. Especially, it provides mountain bike design for athletic kids with the seat that can adjust and a quick-release clam instead of tools. The bike suits kids from 2 to five years old. Its weight is 9 pound and is able to hold 100 pounds rider. Pretty impressive, isn’t it?

The material of the frame is the aluminium alloy which will remain shiny longer than others. The tires are made of solid rubber which prevents puncture. Unlike the above-mentioned bikes, this model has hand brake and footrest pegged under the centre bar so that your child can put up their feet easier.

All of these things offer the lifetime warranty. The unique feature of Mini Glider’s Balance Bike is its mountain bike design with peg footrest and handbrake which enables both walking and gliding. Your child will definitely put the least effort to transit between the two.

5. Schwinn Balance Bike 12”

This brand competes by their lowest prices and very large range of colours. The regular Schwinn bike is designed closely to the Schwinn’s balance bike, which has an adjustable seat. The brand aims for children at about two and a half to five years old. Made of aluminium alloy, it only weighs 7 pounds, lighter than most bikes including handlebars with grips instead of footrests and handbrakes.

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