What to do in 10-week pregnancy

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You are continuing the pregnancy week full of fatigue in the first 3 months of pregnancy. Talking about deep breathing, from now until the birth, you may feel your lungs narrow. There is a reason that someone has occupied the space of your lungs and this can take some time.

Let’s go shopping

Entering the 10th week of pregnancy, nausea and fatigue will disappear. You can feel the appetite. The women usually love to eat special foods, even foods they previously did not like; they often eat more food a craving is due to its delicious taste. Chewing ice, eating fresh vegetables, soft yogurt, marshmallows are fascinating things. Therefore, always bring with you a few favorite foods to be able to use when needed.

These physical changes during the 10th week

Due to the influence of hormones, the skin around the nipple will be darker and brown spots begin to appear more on the face. Especially appears a dark line extends from the navel to the lower abdomen and will fade after the birth.

The increase in blood volume in the body makes you more radiant. Finally, those annoying pimples and unsightly to you in recent weeks will disappear, giving way to a more beautiful radiant skin.

Usually from the 10th week onwards, you do not have to regularly run to the bathroom because of nausea anymore. Because the uterus is lifted out of the pelvis, bladder makes room for more activities. Touching the belly, you can feel the uterus, protruding peaks. This perceives as clearly as you lie in bed and feel urinate.

Changes in emotions

The feeling of pregnancy is still there, even relatively harsher for pregnant women. It’s amazing, that uncomfortable feeling has receded and you start to see energetic. The stress of fear of miscarriage also disappears quickly. Appetite begins to return. This is also the appropriate time to inform friends and relatives about the arrival of your baby.

However, you still easily thrill because the unprovoked. Seeing stroller, pregnant women, babies and even animals with a silky soft coat is enough to make you touch that burst into tears. These are completely natural, just turn off the TV if you do not bear to see the ads or anything makes you uncomfortable.

Pregnant with wife

The first 3 months of pregnancy, because of pregnancy, most women are not interested in sex. However, at that time, the needs of a close relationship with their husband become violent. It is caused by the growth of female sex hormones, and you also see more energetic.

If doctors do not specify avoiding sexual activity, you can still perform normal during pregnancy, unless the risk of premature birth or prone to pregnancy. In fact, many women said they had never felt needs and perceived sexuality as high as when you are pregnant. There is no evidence to suggest that sex can affect the fetus because the cervix during pregnancy is to be closed by the mucous buttons and baby will be protected in the amniotic sac is safe at least until May 7th of pregnancy.

Fetal changes this week

Your baby has doubled compared to three weeks ago, about from 3.1 centimeters to 4 centimeters long. The baby does not stop campaigning: rock, crawl, twist and turn around. However, very young baby and your uterus also sit atop the pelvis, you still cannot feel the baby’s movement. You will realize the great movement when they grow bigger and start kicking against the uterine wall.

This week, your baby’s spinal cord begins production of white blood cells. These are immune cells help your baby grow healthily and well. Stay away from alcohol, beer, cigarettes and other alcohol if you do not want to do long-term damage to the brain development of your child. This is also the time of the pituitary gland starting to work and produce hormones necessary for the body.

The placenta also promoting its role in filtering oxygen and nutrients to better support the development of the fetus. Also this week, your baby can suck his /her thumb. Eyelashes will be covered with two small eyes so the eyes are protected is safe.

The intestinal of a baby begins operation elasticity to help the digestion after the baby is born. The first movement of the intestine marks an important step in the formation and development of the baby.

Tips for 10-week pregnancy

Do not play dangerous sports, need more energy and increase the risk of reducing the oxygen supplying to the baby, such as diving, climbing, travel to the highlands …; better to moderate exercise you should not be working and overuse until birth.

Start a diary for your baby. This may sound silly, but in the future, the log line will help you and your child to review the sweet memories of childhood. This is an exciting time even though it seems to last long, but later on, you’ll be surprised that it was over quickly.

Caution with food can be dangerous for you and the fetus. Listeria is a type of food contamination can be dangerous for pregnant women and fetuses.

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