The importance of the best baby swing reviews

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There will come a point in your life when you have a baby. Even though this can be quite a joyous experience, one thing that you certainly won’t be looking forward to is rocking your baby to sleep. There is nothing that can soothe a new born baby more than gentle rocking. This is where baby swings come into the picture. They can do this for you. It’s also one of the best ways for you to calm down a newborn baby. But it is essential that you go through some of the best baby swing reviews before making any purchase decisions as you wouldn’t want to be stuck with a swing that is anything but the best right? But what do you look for in these reviews? Read on to find out.

There are many benefits of getting baby swings. Most of them are battery operated. They also emit a churning sound which is quite soothing for babies. Most of them will swing from front to back while there are some that swing from side to side as well. No matter which way your swing moves, it should have a harness and you must use it whenever the baby is in the swing.

Some swings come with plug-in options which get rid of the need for a battery. They are lightweight and easy to move around. But irrespective of how much you use these swings, you should never leave your babies unattended in them.

Now, let’s take a look at a few of the different types of baby swings out there:

Full sized baby swings

These swings are designed to be used inside the house and are meant for babies between 25 and 30 pounds. They offer a ton of variety in terms of music, speed and toy bars.

Portable travel swings

These swings are great for parents who are always on the go. They sit low on the ground and are designed in a way that they can be moved easily from one room to another and also stored in your car. They are quite handy when you are visiting your relatives or if you are in search of a smaller swing that you can easily take from one room to the other.

Moving on to the features to look out for on baby swings:


If you are looking at a full sized swing, make sure you get one which has strong posts and a good stance which is wide and won’t tip even when your baby leans to one side or the other. They should be easy to store as well.

Five-point harness

All swings need to have a fixed restraint system too. Some models will come with a five point harness. This is the best type of restrain since it doesn’t allow your baby to climb out of their seat and fall to the floor. Travel swings will not usually have a middle post or a tray, just the safety harness. Some might come with 3 point harnesses. But it is the 5 point harness which is the best.

Easy access

Full sized and portable swings that have top crossbars are usually called open top designed swings. This is because these designs are easier for you to use since there is no top crossbar that can interfere with your baby getting into or out of the swing.

Seat cover

Look for a swing that comes with machine washable, plush padding. It is important for the swing to have some decent head support too. Make sure the padding isn’t too squishy though since this will be nothing more than a suffocation hazard.

Seat settings

A swing should have at least 3 different reclining positions. This will make it easier for you to find a relaxing position for your baby to sleep in. As your baby gets bigger, you will be able to adjust the angle too so that your baby is more upright.


And lastly, some swings can also convert into stand-alone bouncer seats. Some may come with removable seats which you can use to carry your baby around the house. Some can even convert into toddler rockers. Since you aren’t going to be using the baby swing for too long it only makes sense that you get the most mileage out of it wouldn’t you say? Convertibles will be a little more expensive, but they certainly are worth it.

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