Things to consider when using the pack and play for baby

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Currently on the market there are many types of a baby pack and play that will be very difficult for the mother to decide which is the best pack and play to buy for your sweetheart? The type is usually designed to ensure your baby from birth to 4- 5 years old. But parents should know these 7 things below to ensure absolute safety for the baby.

1. Beware of the old crib

You’ve been given a used pack and play by a relative or friend, and it is also very beautiful. Or you have found a pack and play on the liquidation net? All those cases are potentially happened, but it only good when you have carefully tested the safety standard of the furniture prior to using for babies. Whether the bars are sturdy or not? Paint on the cribs has nowhere peeling or not? So forth and so on.

2. Test the safety

Between the crib mattress and mattress edge cannot have any blank space as the child can be stuck and have injuries. Choose the flat cushions with suitable type due to the technical standards between the cushions and the pack and play in the same set.

Bar: space among those should not be too huge to prevent the kid from being trapped their feet, hands or even the head.

Lock: locking and opening mechanism the pack and play should be clear to prevent the confusion. The lock is easy to use with adults, but also ensures the children’s safety.

3. Do not leave stuffed animal when baby is sleeping

When the baby is able to brandish their arms and legs, this is also the time for mother to check the surrounding area of a baby while they are sleeping to ensure that there are no objects that may inadvertently cover the baby face causing suffocation. This is one of the leading causes of sudden death led to infant especially for those who under the age of 2. This may not be necessary if you are there to care for baby 24/24 but this possibility is unlikely to happen right? Therefore, it is the best to clean up everything unnecessary around your baby’s sleeping space.

4. Pay attention to the placement of the pack and play

This is probably the factor that many parents forget the most or not even thought of. Infants will grow beyond your imagination and soon they might seize anything, hovering in their fingertips as zipper curtains, crib hanging toys, electric drive … and cause an accident for themselves from falls, poisoning (if they leave a strange object in their mouths) and many other potential threats. Do not place your baby’s pack and play in the window because you do not know when the baby can climb out of it.

5. Know when to leave your baby crib

When the baby begins to stand and climb, you should think of placing the baby out of the pack and play when they are sleeping, because if you still keep them in the crib, they can wake up and climb out. The majority of babies do not sleep any more in about 2 to 4 years depending on the pace of development and habits of each child. Parents need to observe the development of baby skills and physical to know when it’s appropriate to say goodbye to baby pack and play.

6. The height of the pack and play:

You need to ensure that your child is unable to crawl or climb off the pack and play. Placement cribs need to make sure to stay away from curtains, windows, tables because she can climb out, picking the scissors or sticking to lead to the risk of falling and injuries. You should buy a crib that can be adjusted in steps, at birth to the highest height.

7. Safety standards when choosing a cage:

The standards should not have sharp corners, no sharp edges, checking details such as fasteners, a wide range between a moderate bar that they cannot put the hands, feet through the gap and the pack…, the kennel must be smooth to avoid rough detective because of hurting the baby. Always check to make sure the lock key before you put your baby in the pack and play.

Hopefully, the above information will be helpful to parents. When buying baby cribs, parents should also pay attention to your home space, do not put a too big crib in a small room or a large baby in a small pack and play, it will not only feel uncomfortable but also inconvenient for the whole family. Wish your family happy and healthy!

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