Everything you should know during 7-week fetus

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You have officially entered the week between the first three months of pregnancy. Perhaps you have also become familiar with the pregnancy and it is not too unfamiliar with their new addition. The 7-week-old fetus has begun to “reveal” clearly in the womb and, this time, you can feel the fetus in the womb. Although for most women, the first week results are not easy; but some mothers left unharmed. If you’re among them, do not feel like I was robbed of something sacred and special. Still more than 30 weeks, you wait and experience the feeling of pregnancy.

At first glance, it’s difficult to see what you’re pregnant, but you yourself will feel his abdomen significantly thicker. Slim pants or skirt bunch will not fit anymore, and you no longer choose the furniture comfortable as before. Still a little early to dress up this time so please vote carefully record your closet and try to find the shirtwaist pants have wide or lung elastic spandex.

When pregnancy is 7 weeks, perhaps you want the good news to family and close friends. No time is the perfect time to let the whole world know what you are about to have a baby. Please share your happiness with your loved ones at this time

The changes in your body in 7th week

It is still too early to be able to see or feel the uterus through the abdominal wall that’s what you’re gradually open up. Now, your belly still concealed by the pelvis and will not rise until 12 weeks.

Maybe you can see your blood vessels to emerge, especially in the chest and legs. When you stand for long, the legs may be sore, and you want to sit more than before. Try to lift your feet up whenever possible and often feet up on the seat or footrest chair to help blood circulation offline.

Your vagina can save much more mucus. This is normal during pregnancy, so you do not worry, unless it has an unpleasant smell, turn yellow or vagina causing you irritation. Many women use tampons every day, this is very useful.

Sometimes you’ll get cramps and pain in the lower abdomen but this is normal. However, if you find constant pain, or your vaginal bleeding, or simply as you are concerned, talk to your midwife or your doctor.

Your nipples will grow up and be able to penetrate it. There may be both pimples sprouting around the areola, they are called nodules Montgomery – make your nipples ready lactation. Do not knead or try to squeeze out the note. We are really useful, unlike anywhere ugly pimples.

Add something unexpected, you can be back to puberty in this 7 week with a lot of acne on his face. The hormones of pregnancy as the culprit causing acne crowd there. You be careful with cosmetics for skin this time because there are some real cream pregnant women should not take.

Changes in emotions

You might be a little depressed this week. Feeling tired and nauseous standing still there, but you have no way to feel better. Calm down. Most pregnant women will feel better by the end of the first period of 3 months. From this point, you will begin the countdown to the day the baby was born.

At this stage, many dads do not really feel any great changes as a mother. Experience new fatherhood is simply heard you describe the symptoms, changes in the mother’s body, but not actually be seen or felt any significant difference. It should not be inferred that the missing fatherless interested or excited about having a baby. Just need a few more week fathers really feel that you are a pregnant and upcoming baby?

Some mothers will have a little guilt for not very devoted to his love for the baby during this period. They worry that the baby will “know” is the mother’s negative thoughts and find you are not being enthusiastic welcome. If you’re among them, do not worry and sadness. By simply, the baby does not have the ability to know how you’re feeling it.

Fetal changes this week

Your fetus is still very small at this time and just about 1,3cm long. She’s only with a large green olive and not a very large olive as you think, merely a medium olive alone.

This week, the fetus has a heart. If you go this week antenatal care, midwife or your doctor can hear the fetal heart ultrasound. Right now, you can go home with a feeling of joy that his people know for sure going to be a mother.

When pregnancy is 7 weeks, the eyes will be bigger and even began to have more color. Her permanent eye color will become apparent during the period of 6-9 months and was greatly influenced by genes from you and your baby’s father.

Baby’s ears began to be formed both inside and outside. Ti tiny tongues have started to appear in the mouth and teeth are starting to be formed in the jaw.

Tips for the mother during pregnancy week 7

You should start looking for classes for expectant mothers. May need to present and can also be put on the waiting list again.

Consider signing up for a yoga class for pregnant mothers or any other form of action similar vein in the area near your home in. This is also a great way to meet other women and build a network of friends who can support each other in the future.

If your funds are regularly jog, consider switching to a different form of exercise more gently. These forms of sport create continuous tremors like this is not good for the fetus. Still another way is gentler of mobilizing more suitable for you during this period.

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