Everything you need to know during 8-week fetus

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From the 8th week until birth, the majority of changes in the baby’s body are the growth in size and full of body parts. Basically, each week your baby will be the miniature version of the baby being born, of course, is much smaller. Now all organs in the body have been formed and are prepared to support an independent life when the baby was born at about 40 weeks. The ability of babies with deformities will drop after the 8th week, but you still need to be very careful during the remaining gestation period.

So many questions like this?

For many women, time is 8 weeks the fetus is considered more difficult period, simply because the symptoms of morning sickness, this time, can leave you exhausted. Some women may find me relieved from the 8th week, when the risk of miscarriage has dropped, and the excitement began to rise. Is it still too early to buy things for the baby? Should the news with others now? Is your baby not healthy? How can we do this mom? From now on, these questions and other questions will be millions fills your mind. However, these are all very normal.

The changes in your body during the week 8

  • Do you, or rather your womb will be bigger with a diameter of about 16cm.
  • Your waistline will thicken, and the pants, stretchy dresses will become more appropriate.
  • No major change anything about morning sickness, or at least not the time. You should eat bland foods taste and easy to digest, and should also encourage the baby into the kitchen dad if you cannot do well.

What are the other languages?

You should avoid making excuses elegant gatherings at this time courtesy. Fart, farting, drop the wind … you want to call it how it is, but it will make you salt on the surface when you least expect. Do not think you have problems. Excess steam is commonplace in pregnancy but is rarely mentioned. There are some foods make the situation even slightly heavy balance further, so the best thing to do is avoid much can we go. Legumes, starches are the dangerous perpetrators willing to add fuel to the fire.

Changes in emotions

You can become superstitious than usual during this period, so try to balance between reality and science with a little fun in moderation. Most of them have interesting stories when it comes to experience pregnancy or childbirth her. Need to know what you should clarify to hear and ignore what does not need to hear.

Pregnancy is when dreams become very different. You have very strange dreams, scary and no sense either. Do not analyze or infer them to try to find me a subtext or messages that do. Dreams are merely filtered from the thoughts deep in our subconscious after removing unnecessary information that our brain receives during the day.

You should begin to envision and organize its future work since this week 8. From maternity leave entitlement, time off work, and the fact that the whole family was going to rely on the single source one person’s salary. All these considerations will cost you a certain amount of time to think.

You might find yourself a bit ugly and unattractive at this time. It probably will not look at whether you’re pregnant, but you like the new look on more weight. So pamper yourself a little, do not rebuff yourself from simple pleasures can make you feel better. A massage, a session hairdresser, a shopping trip, all of them can make you young again and probably more joyful.

The changes of the baby this week

The size of each week your baby is often compared with the fruit. This week your baby the size of a large plum or orange fruits

The fingers and toes of the baby were conceived markedly at week 8, and also started with nails. Your baby can bend the limbs at this stage, a move to the elbow and wrist foldable.

All the important parts of the body are already fixed in place. During the remaining period of pregnancy, the department will continue to develop and perfect, ready for life outside the womb.

Two babies have kidney dialysis and urine generated at this time. We also reserve is confidential digestive juices in the stomach, ready to fight to the waters that they were going to have to swallow.

If the baby is a boy, external genital organs will begin to develop and produce the male sex hormone testosterone – the male hormone that’s very important men.

The baby’s head is still large compared to the rest of the body, but from week 8 onwards, neck and all over the bones that form. That means you can have an ultrasound to see the facial features fairly clear.

One coat is smooth silk envelops the baby’s body. Inner ear and outer ear, teeth and eyes were fully developed.

Tips for pregnant mothers 8th week – 2nd month of pregnancy

Try drinking herbal tea instead of tea and coffee with your daily caffeine. Often this tea is better for your health and easy alternative for hot drinks which inspire you.

Try to drink a lot of milk and calcium than this week. Baby tooth has been formed, so any foods containing these nutrients have important positive effects on the baby teeth. Try to avoid infection this week, because the infection can raise your body temperature, adversely affecting the development of the baby teeth.

Always keep your snacks around the room when you feel dizzy because you are eating can be difficult, so your blood pressure will sometimes low. Do not stand up too fast if you have to sit a while. Let the body has time to adjust blood pressure as you move from a sitting to standing position.

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