Everything you should know during 9-week fetus

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At 9 weeks old fetus, you will prepare to enter the final weeks of the first cycle of pregnancy. You will feel very fresh and excited if this is your first pregnancy. But even if you’ve had children before, then every pregnancy is a different experience, with new challenges.

It is normal if you compare this pregnancy with the last time, and use the experience to know the gender of the baby. However, her father was the deciding factor, not sex your baby, and everything was being arranged from 3 weeks of pregnancy gone.

How to love your baby?

You might wonder how I could love a child as much as other children with her first child. But do not worry. The Creator has created the baby inherent power that parents have to love to love, and the result is that the baby is very good work. Mothers are even very painful because their worries cannot get enough love to share them with you. Leave yourself enough time to nurture his love for children just born, and believe in me. You will not be disappointed.

The changes in your body during the week 9

Your hair which constantly undergoing cycles grow – loss, is now dormant hibernation. This is one of the reasons why pregnant women often say they suddenly thicker hair and beauty dished out. The ends of the hair on your head now resting rather than comb wrapped or drift downstream droves every time you shower.

You might recognize the differences on nails because their speed also grows unusual. It is these hormones of pregnancy have caused these changes.

If two weeks ago you like a second puberty with as many pimples on the face, then now is the time you are watching your clean skin. Use cream or cleanser that is gentle, drink plenty of water and eat more vegetables and fresh fruits. Remember this formula: 2 pieces of fruit per day and 5 parts fresh vegetables.

Maybe you will gain weight slowly during this period. Also, you have been losing weight since morning so what cannot eat, or just vomiting all the time. But since week 9, you can feed with a different eye. They are not the enemy of your stomach as about a week before.

Changes in emotions

You will feel less while pregnant 9 weeks old, and seemed energetic than before. It seems you no longer nauseated, tired and haggard as before.

At this stage, babies cannot remind you of their presence by stirring in your stomach, so you feel very normal. You should not feel guilty if you do not always think about the baby.

What changes in the fetal this week?

This week, your baby has approximately 2.5cm. The fetus is now a miniature version of the baby at birth. Babysitting will look less like an alien or a bear bag, which obviously was the earth.

The baby is now big with an apple not to, which is also the reason why you feel clearer in the pelvic area. At the end of the day, when your bladder was distended, or after you eat very full, you will feel even more pronounced.

The forehead of the baby will be less red, and eyes will be in the middle of the face. Fingers and toes only recently still stick together like a propeller, is now completely separated by each individual finger.

If your baby is a girl, this is the time when the ovaries begin to form. At birth, the baby will be full of eggs that a woman in her lifetime. External genital organs also began to take shape, although they are only tiny.

The baby’s body was no longer rolled as before but gradually began to stretch out. Previous new, baby is like the letter C, it is now a little more physical, except the legs are still contained on the hips.

From week 9, was able to see the nipple appear on baby’s chest. New baby’s ears before they fell lower end below the neck, is now in the right place.

Within three weeks, the fetus will be twice as long. And one thing is sure that you are still very tired. Even when you sleep, your body has to work overtime hard to grow the fetus.

Tips for 9 weeks pregnant

If you have not first antenatal care, it’s time to go. Choose a time that can be published to accompany the baby, and tried quite a few hours to work then you can talk about that first appointment. Maybe you’ll be excited to hear the baby’s heartbeat was clearly with ultrasound.

Do not forget to brush your teeth! Oral hygiene is always important, and during pregnancy is even more important than ever. Also, remember to clean your teeth with floss every day, go to the dentist at least once during pregnancy, and spend time with oral care. During this time, bleeding gums nothing unusual, but also, it means you need to brush your teeth and clean your teeth with floss more often.

Start saving for the months you leave to give birth. The savings plan for the maternity certainly will help you reduce the stress of quitting for some time. This is especially important if there are unexpected things happen, and you have to leave earlier than planned.

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