Top 7 sports for children

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Swimming, baseball, soccer, basketball, cycling, badminton… are the sports to help children develop their physical side in the best way.

According to experts, athletes and sports help to develop physically and mentally, to bring positive emotions, self-confidence and develop healthy lifestyles for children. This activity also helps children increase the metabolism and blood circulation because blood carries oxygen and nutrients to every cell of the body. In addition, the movement helps the body strong and has a higher resistance; strengthen the cardiovascular system, so children are healthy and more flexible, both in physically and mentally. Below are top 7 sports which are very good for children.


Baseball is a team sport; in which a player of this team will try to throw the ball as hard as possible to the other players, who will try to knock baseball with a baseball bat before it is caught up by his teammates behind the other players.

The bottom line in this sport is not only the skills but also in the baseball bat. The best fastpitch softball bats can enhance the highest power hit the ball and make the routes of the most accurate balls.


The movement during the swimming is good for health. The young body becomes supple, has healthy lungs and heart, the body’s blood circulation are also good when they swim regularly. An additional benefit of the children to learn to swim is to help children grow in height. This sport is good for the cardiovascular system, increases the length of the spine, shoulders and chest expansion, increase energy levels and helps the lungs function well. Swimming helps increase growth hormone production, improve the ability to increase height.

Furthermore, children love to swim will have good immune systems due to psychological self-confidence, mood cheerful, independent and easy to adapt to any situation. Water movement also stimulates the nerves in the brain development. Therefore, children will be little more intelligent and flexible because learning to swim.


Among the sport is considered well for health and help to raise independence, this sport is seemed as one of the most suitable sports for young children. According to new research by experts, if children are trained cycling habits from an early age, they will fall by more than 50% risk of heart disease and many other dangerous diseases. Also, if you know cycling early, children will automatically equip yourself with the autonomy and independence, relying on the help of family members, increases endurance…


Playing basketball requires the flexibility of hands and eyes, the continuous operation of the leg because she must constantly run around the yard. If you’re too young, you can let them play basketball version of the small children. Basketball helps children develop team spirit, cooperation within a group and the spirit of sport. In addition, this sport can help children develop in height, increase coordination between the eyes and limbs.


Badminton is a sport suitable for all babies. It’s simple, easy to learn and very good for health. Badminton teaches her about discipline, calmness and fairness; increases the stamina and heart rate of the body; improve the function of the eye and increase the reflectivity of the brain.


Football is a sport loved worldwide. Not only men but even women now also love soccer. With other team sports, football also teaches children how to cooperate with individuals in the same group. While simultaneously forging soccer to children about health fast reflexes, visual stimulation, auditory development. Making his way, children must also recognize good opponents, teammates, moving direction. The children learn the sports athletes such as football have good willpower (self-does not cry), the latter will adapt to the transformation of society better. These activities also help increase the production of growth hormone in her body, was developed to help the maximum height.


Jogging is the easiest subject for baby to grow in height. Baby spend just 30 minutes to 1-hour daily jogging stimulates the pituitary gland secretes growth hormone 3-4 times higher than normal. Parents can jog in the early morning or late evening, just physical exercise just enjoys the fresh outdoor air and the beauty of nature.

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