How to help your child have deep slumbers

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To help your baby sleep deeply overnight, in addition to choosing a good kind of diaper (this option is easy, parents can consult many information sources on the internet, for example, if you want to choose the best cloth diaper, searching for cloth diaper reviews to compare and pick up the suitable kind), there are still a lot of other elements effecting on baby’s sleep. Following this article below and you can get detailed information.

Some reasons make your baby usually wake up at midnight

For babies under 6 months old, the official TV every night several times to the mother is completely normal. Many children in the first 2 months of often informal, almost all night crying (crying stomach problems) due to incomplete physiological, around 3 months of age, your baby can sleep better at night long sleep.

When the baby is 7-8 months old, babies can parents crying at night, think about the possible causes of your baby is teething, crawling up the vulnerable school overactive during the day leads to night sleep not delicious. If a couple of nights, constantly crying baby that you do not find a way to soothe your baby, you can effectively are abdominal pain or suffer from any other illness … makes the body feel uncomfortable. This causes the mother should follow and learn, understand new causes can help the baby sleep. Baby crying cause’s pathological mother should take her to visit to check and take measures to timely treatment.

Forged principle does not rush your baby to sleep the night to soothe her when she wakes up and cries midnight

Research by the Royal Melbourne Children’s Hospital (Australia) showed that when parents “ignoring” the children cried the night time, the baby will gradually make themselves better sleeping pattern. The researchers randomly selected 156 mothers of children aged 6 months to 1 year old, or crying at night, have more sleep problems to divide into two groups: group 1 was learning how to control the child’s cries and techniques other features of sleep; Group 2 did not, so that parents do instinctively, when I woke up cajoling and crying. The results after two months, the first groups of mothers who have adjusted to get better sleep.

Through which the experts gave advice to mothers when the children cried at night need to wait some time to comfort them, and gently help her impact knowing how to make himself go back to sleep. To practice this habit parents need to be patient and cool, wait 2-3 minutes or longer to coax the baby before. The mother should pat, caress not talk and especially not turn on the lights, holding him up. If the merciful mother, honey baby babble baby will not be able to sleep habits that may have long after the province and new always fall back to sleep. In the US, all of the above methods are called Feber used for mothers with children or middle of the night crying.

Several factors help baby sleep well at night

Create good living habits for your baby:

– She should turn off the lights and lullabies to sleep: The darkness helps the body to liberate the hormone melatonin causes drowsiness so the child will sleep deeply, stretching and growth. The light is too large to suppress the production of melatonin. For regular night light, too bright will cause circadian rhythm disorder, inhibits cell activity or become your baby makes retardation. The best way is to turn off the lights when they are sleeping.

– Give your baby sleep SAT + SBT according to the timetable in moderation and regular daily: According to many studies show that babies sleep a day to average 16-17 hours and is divided into the cycle “formula – sleep “every 3 hours, excluding weekends and nights. To 3 months, babies sleep 15 hours / day, but the beat “- sleeping” changes: sleep at night lasted more than 7 hours of continuous and time of day more informal. The 1-year-old child slept only 13 hours / day and children aged 3-5 sleep 12 hours / day. That is why the rhythm method – sleep should you not worry that begin feeding hungry children without waking up. Not to breastfeed day too much, so no feeding before bed. Do not give your baby too much daytime activity or playing too bedtime, will result dreamless.

Do not feed your baby too close to bedtime and eating protein-rich foods, eat foods containing lots of water before bedtime:

Full baby food is good but I should not eat when coming bedtime way that they should be eating about 1-hour bedtime or wake you up milk. Eating protein-rich foods before bed causes the digestive system to work should not sleep well. Diuretic beverages the child’s bladder faster tenderness should have to wake up. So small children should not breastfeed or eat too full, eat foods with plenty of water, diuretics before bedtime.

Create space clean airy bedroom, a spacious dressing good material, not too much up for baby blankets that should be enough room to keep warm in winter and cool in summer.

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