July 2016

This is quite a special moment – just add six more weeks you have gone through all stages 1. At this time, the limited exposure to toxins, viruses or chemicals is still really important, because they can potentially cause harm to the fetus that is forming. However, this does not mean you have to lock yourself in somewhere, just be aware and focused your wellness.

How do you look like?

At this time, you still will not look like pregnant. The pregnancy hormone continuously operates to help fetus firmer grip on the uterine wall and helps the baby develop. You will feel your chest a little larger and heavier, waistline will quickly disappear. You may feel dizzy or lightheaded, or a little dreamy. All of them can be seen as normal symptoms of the early stages of pregnancy. (more…)

You are about to go through half of the first trimester of pregnancy. Although you are not on the surface appear to be pregnant, and you still do not feel entire about this miracle, but please be assured that many things are currently taking place within you.

Changes in the body condition of pregnant women during week 5

You may be suffering from constipation, produced by the hormone progesterone during pregnancy has a relaxing effect on the body will affect the large intestine and make it work slowed. To remedy this situation, you need to drink lots of water and fiber reinforcement in your diet.

You will continue to have symptoms as in the previous week. Feeling slimy, unbearable some dishes, status vomiting and even hot in the chest can occur throughout the day.

You have the feeling to swallow constantly, almost need to wear a brassiere, but it is not to the same extent. You should always take care of oral hygiene. When brushing your teeth or tongue cleaning, remember do not let the brush or tools to go too far into the throat, because reflections in this area can now very sensitive, can cause bouts greasy. (more…)