Everything pregnant women should know about the 5-week fetus

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You are about to go through half of the first trimester of pregnancy. Although you are not on the surface appear to be pregnant, and you still do not feel entire about this miracle, but please be assured that many things are currently taking place within you.

Changes in the body condition of pregnant women during week 5

You may be suffering from constipation, produced by the hormone progesterone during pregnancy has a relaxing effect on the body will affect the large intestine and make it work slowed. To remedy this situation, you need to drink lots of water and fiber reinforcement in your diet.

You will continue to have symptoms as in the previous week. Feeling slimy, unbearable some dishes, status vomiting and even hot in the chest can occur throughout the day.

You have the feeling to swallow constantly, almost need to wear a brassiere, but it is not to the same extent. You should always take care of oral hygiene. When brushing your teeth or tongue cleaning, remember do not let the brush or tools to go too far into the throat, because reflections in this area can now very sensitive, can cause bouts greasy.

You may get a rash of pimples as though returning puberty. This phenomenon is simply due to the influence of the hormone in the body is increased when you are five weeks pregnant.

You can always feel hot and want to be thrown off your clothes off as soon as when there is an opportunity. This is due to the increased blood flow as well as the popular hormone in the body in the early weeks of pregnancy.

You can feel the abdomen seems “thick” to come up though after the 12th week, the uterus is lifted off your pelvis. Some pregnant women are gaining weight in the first trimester while others lose weight; it completely depends on each.

You can feel really tired, and whether there is not much sleep, it still makes you tired. This is a common symptom in the early stages of pregnancy, but at the end of this period, the health and energy of you will return to normal.

Changes in emotions

Emotions have no major changes this week. When looking at the form, then you can still feel not believe that you are pregnant, which can only rely on the symptoms you have.

If you have somebody whom you are trying to conceive but have not been successful, you naturally have the feeling sorry for them. In this case, you may be sensitive to their feelings, but also do not try to restrain your inspiration.

This week, you can begin to realize the fact of being pregnant. You start to worry about parenting and child rearing from a tiny until adulthood. We recommend only solve each problem at a time, do not worry too far, and be confident in your abilities. If it is necessary, you can express your feeling by talking, talk to your mother, or with someone who has had a baby and could have had the same feelings as you are now.

Fetal changes this week

Fetal bones begin to form, the facial contours clearly also started slowly. Lips are still unknown contours will inherit from the other one, but the nose is indeed our family now! You will find very interesting because of this. And what’s more here, in the back of their head will grow faster than the front.

Mouth and tongue began to form in the 5th week, along with arms and legs. Until now, little hands and feet still look like the oars slapping around both sides of the chest, but they will quickly grow clearer.

Much of the growth of the baby during this week focused on the brain with about 100 new brain cells are formed in each minute. So no wonder if you constantly feel hungry, because you always need energy from foods to support the development of the baby inside.

The baby’s gonads begin to form; however; it is too early to determine the sex of the baby through an ultrasound.

The baby’s kidneys are in place but not yet begun to filter the blood. We will soon begin operations urine; contribute a fair amount of liquid ingredients into the amniotic fluid that surrounds the baby during the next eight months.


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