Everything pregnant women should know about 6-week fetus

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This is quite a special moment – just add six more weeks you have gone through all stages 1. At this time, the limited exposure to toxins, viruses or chemicals is still really important, because they can potentially cause harm to the fetus that is forming. However, this does not mean you have to lock yourself in somewhere, just be aware and focused your wellness.

How do you look like?

At this time, you still will not look like pregnant. The pregnancy hormone continuously operates to help fetus firmer grip on the uterine wall and helps the baby develop. You will feel your chest a little larger and heavier, waistline will quickly disappear. You may feel dizzy or lightheaded, or a little dreamy. All of them can be seen as normal symptoms of the early stages of pregnancy.

You are allergic to the smell of food

This time, you can still feel scared of some particular dishes. Experts say that this is a natural way to protect the fetus from the foods likely to cause harm.

At this point, you may also find yourself not feel well as before when doing exercise, breathing heavily and tired more easily. So, you should skip the lighter exercises accordingly. You still need gentle agitation every day, and should incorporate fitness into your daily operations. These pregnant women who are excessive weight gain during pregnancy can be difficult and risky at birth.

The changes in body condition during pregnancy week 6

  • Your belly is slightly larger
  • Nausea may remain. It is estimated that approximately 70-80% of women experience nausea at a certain level in the first three months of pregnancy. Try to avoid missing meals to prevent hypoglycemia status, and choose easily digested foods. No need to force you to eat something just because you think it’s good.
  • At this time, a feeling of heaviness and fullness in the pelvic area may become clearer. It’s even worse when you eat or when you urinate. Regarding form, it has yet to see signs of pregnancy because your belly looks almost normal.
  • You can feel the area seems thickening waistline than usual. Although it is still not the time to wear a cast, you should choose pants with the elastic waist or suitable dress.
  • You will feel tired and want to rest more during the week. Some days you can even feel like have not been to bed at all or not enough sleep. You just wish for the night quickly to laying on the bed. Try to arrange to break or a nap, because it will be helpful for you to regain strength.
  • From the 6th week onwards, you may feel a little pain in the lower waist before pregnancy that you’ve never been. When this happens, back pain is often caused by pressure from the uterus growing to impact on the lower spine. The back pain will come and go during pregnancy, due to the impact of hormone levels are constantly increasing in your body.

Fetal changes this week

This week, your fetus may have officially called a fetus. This name will continue until the end of pregnancy. At this time, some couples have booked nickname for the fetus.

This time, the fetus is less than 1 cm long, and a tiny tail is finally gone, but still looked like they have just had the head, very big forehead, and then the tiny body. However, you do not have to worry, in a few weeks, the baby will grow long out more, and those hands, tiny legs will then also be developed and formed gradually.

This week, your baby will form the tip. Fingers, toes, lips, eyelids, and legs are becoming clearer. This time, their eyes fell apart position, close to the temples more.

In the 6th week, the baby’s heart valve has appeared, the airways to the lungs from the throat are also formed. Lines are appeared at the top of small tips where the toes and fingers are forming.

This week, the fetus will have some involuntary movements, but you will not be recognized because it is very small. The fetus is still in the C-shape, similar to pea, moving flickers inside your uterus.

Your baby’s bones start to form this week, and the babies are bend their tiny arms at the elbows and the wrists

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