February 2017

When preparing for your babies, parents do not only pay attention on essential baby things like diaper for changing, baby stroller hub for taking baby out and so on but also seek ways to educate babies from the early days to simulate growth and brain development. Well my advice for you is passing on those expensive educational toys or even custom app to help trigger their senses and intelligence growth. you can simply rely on your baby natural instinct and you as those are two most important factor when it comes to baby early education for creativity boost. According to a pediatric psychologist, playtime with parents is suggested as the best and most effective way to wake up baby’s senses and instincts which makes significant contribution in building creativity.

The aim of this post is to introduce parents a method of engaging baby with creative triggering activities which will help to create a firm foundation for the development of brains by boosting the creativity from the early stage of life. Here is the summary of main point I will present in these below paragraphs: triggering senses for better learning, the main subject for this method is infant. By tapping into infants’ senses, parents can provide a helpful environment that make exploration for infants as fun and thus help them be more creative.


To prepare for your newborn babies is certainly a fun and exciting thing to do especially for first time parents. It is the fun of making a check list of things to buy and then go to baby stores for shopping, looking at all the shelf full of lovely stuff and then you cannot help imagining how cute those dresses and shoes look on your future babies or check out a baby umbrella stroller and try several models to choose one for your babies. Then the birth of your awaited angel comes, you are overwhelmed with thrilled feeling but also nervous and worries. All you can do is praying and hoping for the best but then you see your newborn for the first time, you are seemly looking at the most beautiful and most precious person in the world.

Few tough months pass by and your babies are finally old enough to eat solid food then you need to be prepared to learn to make food for your babies as they can now add more nutritious ingredients to their diets beside the utmost important breast milk. Choosing pre-made baby food which is always available at stores is also an option but it is much better for you to prepare food yourself as homemade food is richer and varied in nutrient, safer from chemical or preservation substances and can save you a substantial cost.