Boosting Your Baby’s Creativity, Easy Or Difficult?

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When preparing for your babies, parents do not only pay attention on essential baby things like diaper for changing, baby stroller hub for taking baby out and so on but also seek ways to educate babies from the early days to simulate growth and brain development. Well my advice for you is passing on those expensive educational toys or even custom app to help trigger their senses and intelligence growth. you can simply rely on your baby natural instinct and you as those are two most important factor when it comes to baby early education for creativity boost. According to a pediatric psychologist, playtime with parents is suggested as the best and most effective way to wake up baby’s senses and instincts which makes significant contribution in building creativity.

The aim of this post is to introduce parents a method of engaging baby with creative triggering activities which will help to create a firm foundation for the development of brains by boosting the creativity from the early stage of life. Here is the summary of main point I will present in these below paragraphs: triggering senses for better learning, the main subject for this method is infant. By tapping into infants’ senses, parents can provide a helpful environment that make exploration for infants as fun and thus help them be more creative.

Playing With Your Children

Since I presented above, this method focuses on the sense of infants when exposing to each way so you need to watch your baby’s reaction when you play with them. As having fun means your babies can learn and be creative at their best pace. You can spot their reaction to make suitable decision to best implement this method. For example, if your babies smile or giggle you can continue because they surely enjoy what you do; but if your babies wrinkle foreheads or turns away, they show their disinterest or probably get bored of what you do.

Trying The Multisensory Nursery Room

Do you know that parents usually underestimate the effect of nursery decoration in boosting children creativity? They normally just choose a pastel color to suit the design and theme of what a nursery room should look like, but it actually doesn’t help if you plan to follow the method of trigger infant sense. Researchers indicated that babies cannot identify color until they are more than four months old but they can sense strong visual signal from contrasting colors so you may want to consider black and white patterns like stripes, or other dark and light color for room decoration which will help boosting brain activities.


Making Faces

Making faces here means you should try engaging your infants with some playful time with the act of imitating and exaggerating your babies’ expression. One tip for this part is to get close to your babies as new born can only see in the range of 8 to 10 inches. For this method you also need to watch their reactions, if your newborns show any sign such as turn eyes away, they are probably have enough and you should stop the game right there

Experimenting With Music

Most babies prefer classical music when first exposing to music but have you know that your singing are music to their ears despite the fact that you don’t even like your voices. You can do a simple task of triggering your babies’ sense of tunes by first singing the favorite tune then change it a bit, probably raising the pitch by singing higher. Then you can what their reaction and base on that to make the decision whether to use different or keep it

Setting Exploration Time

Although parents are busy with a huge workload, tasks, and duties but becoming parents teach them more than that, it is about the scarify if they want the best for children. In this case parents ought to set aside a certain amount of time about thirty minutes every day to play with them, to support them in exploring new things. It can be simply offer your babies different object that vary from color, texture and sounds so they identify what they like best.

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