When preparing for your babies, parents do not only pay attention on essential baby things like diaper for changing, baby stroller hub for taking baby out and so on but also seek ways to educate babies from the early days to simulate growth and brain development. Well my advice for you is passing on those expensive educational toys or even custom app to help trigger their senses and intelligence growth. you can simply rely on your baby natural instinct and you as those are two most important factor when it comes to baby early education for creativity boost. According to a pediatric psychologist, playtime with parents is suggested as the best and most effective way to wake up baby’s senses and instincts which makes significant contribution in building creativity.

The aim of this post is to introduce parents a method of engaging baby with creative triggering activities which will help to create a firm foundation for the development of brains by boosting the creativity from the early stage of life. Here is the summary of main point I will present in these below paragraphs: triggering senses for better learning, the main subject for this method is infant. By tapping into infants’ senses, parents can provide a helpful environment that make exploration for infants as fun and thus help them be more creative.


To prepare for your newborn babies is certainly a fun and exciting thing to do especially for first time parents. It is the fun of making a check list of things to buy and then go to baby stores for shopping, looking at all the shelf full of lovely stuff and then you cannot help imagining how cute those dresses and shoes look on your future babies or check out a baby umbrella stroller and try several models to choose one for your babies. Then the birth of your awaited angel comes, you are overwhelmed with thrilled feeling but also nervous and worries. All you can do is praying and hoping for the best but then you see your newborn for the first time, you are seemly looking at the most beautiful and most precious person in the world.

Few tough months pass by and your babies are finally old enough to eat solid food then you need to be prepared to learn to make food for your babies as they can now add more nutritious ingredients to their diets beside the utmost important breast milk. Choosing pre-made baby food which is always available at stores is also an option but it is much better for you to prepare food yourself as homemade food is richer and varied in nutrient, safer from chemical or preservation substances and can save you a substantial cost.


The debate about cloth diapers and diaper remains an exciting topic to date. The mother of the two sides launched a long list of benefits of diapers that you choose. In fact, cloth diapers and diapers are the pros and cons in particular.

Due to many Cloth Diaper Reviews, on the market today, there are many types of diapers for infants and young children, the most common of which can be divided into 2 categories: diapers and cloth diapers. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages, the mother should be based on the habits, the condition of each child as well as the conditions of the time, their finances to get the best selection.


This is quite a special moment – just add six more weeks you have gone through all stages 1. At this time, the limited exposure to toxins, viruses or chemicals is still really important, because they can potentially cause harm to the fetus that is forming. However, this does not mean you have to lock yourself in somewhere, just be aware and focused your wellness.

How do you look like?

At this time, you still will not look like pregnant. The pregnancy hormone continuously operates to help fetus firmer grip on the uterine wall and helps the baby develop. You will feel your chest a little larger and heavier, waistline will quickly disappear. You may feel dizzy or lightheaded, or a little dreamy. All of them can be seen as normal symptoms of the early stages of pregnancy. (more…)

To help your baby sleep deeply overnight, in addition to choosing a good kind of diaper (this option is easy, parents can consult many information sources on the internet, for example, if you want to choose the best cloth diaper, searching for cloth diaper reviews to compare and pick up the suitable kind), there are still a lot of other elements effecting on baby’s sleep. Following this article below and you can get detailed information.

Some reasons make your baby usually wake up at midnight

For babies under 6 months old, the official TV every night several times to the mother is completely normal. Many children in the first 2 months of often informal, almost all night crying (crying stomach problems) due to incomplete physiological, around 3 months of age, your baby can sleep better at night long sleep.


Swimming, baseball, soccer, basketball, cycling, badminton… are the sports to help children develop their physical side in the best way.

According to experts, athletes and sports help to develop physically and mentally, to bring positive emotions, self-confidence and develop healthy lifestyles for children. This activity also helps children increase the metabolism and blood circulation because blood carries oxygen and nutrients to every cell of the body. In addition, the movement helps the body strong and has a higher resistance; strengthen the cardiovascular system, so children are healthy and more flexible, both in physically and mentally. Below are top 7 sports which are very good for children.


Baseball is a team sport; in which a player of this team will try to throw the ball as hard as possible to the other players, who will try to knock baseball with a baseball bat before it is caught up by his teammates behind the other players.

The bottom line in this sport is not only the skills but also in the baseball bat. The best fastpitch softball bats can enhance the highest power hit the ball and make the routes of the most accurate balls. (more…)

When it comes to finding the best baby swing there are a lot of things which you will need to look into first. But one of the first things which you will need to consider are the soothing devices that are available with the swing. After all, without good soothing devices, you just can’t say that you’ve got the best baby swing now can you? There are a number of different swings for you to choose from. Let’s take a look at some of them:

Baby carriers

They can be divided into wraps, soft structured carriers and backpacks. In the early years of infancy, wraps and soft structured carriers are the best choice. Backpacks will only come into play once your baby is bigger, around 6-9 months. They are great models for caregivers and parents to bond and be close with their baby without having to use their hands.

Rockers and bouncers

Rockers and bouncers provide compact solutions for babies even though they aren’t quite as soothing as baby swings. Typical rockers and bouncers are basically reclining seats with harnesses which either rock, bounce or do both. Some of them are operated by batteries which only adds increased capability for vibration while others have electronic play arches. These devices are quite handy since they are small, portable, lightweight and easy to clean because of their machine washable fabrics. The problem with these swings is that they lack the customization options of swings like reclining seats, variable speeds, sounds, etc. They aren’t usually up to the task of soothing babies though. (more…)

Guide to breastfeeding for mothers

Mother’s milk is undoubtedly the best way of raising children. Breast milk contains nutrients for the development of young children, is characterized by immunity helps prevent contamination and of course, breastfeeding will be cheaper and more convenient than bottle feeding.

Breastfeeding also has benefited in terms of health protection for mothers, particularly against ovarian cancer and breast cancer pre-menopausal stage. With mothers already have diabetes during pregnancy; breastfeeding reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes switched after birth. (more…)

One of the concerns of the mothers is taking the drug problem when breastfeeding. It is difficult to determine the amount of the drug into the body through breast milk baby. So the best way is to always read the side effects of the drug in the manual and consult the doctor before taking the drug. You need to follow your doctor’s instructions carefully to use the drug safely.

Although some drugs may suit you, but there is only a kind of small concentrations of it can also cause harm to the baby because the baby’s body cannot fully adapt to the effects of drugs.

Factors affecting drug levels

  • Self-medication: Certain drugs are considered safe for breastfeeding mothers. If used properly, the doses and indications will not cause harm.
  • Dosage: Use the correct medication dosage is also very important for mothers who are breastfeeding.
  • The fat content of breast milk: The fat in breast milk is where drugs are kept and transported.
  • The drug is transmitted to babies through breast milk. Baby drug absorption levels will depend on the time the baby is breastfed after the medication of mother. After about 1-2 hours after the mother medication, scientists have detected the presence of drugs in breast milk.
  • Using multiple medications at once: Some medicines may interact with other drugs and increase or decrease the effect of the drug.
  • Pills before eating: Take the medication before you eat can alter absorption compared to pills after eating. Some food allergies to certain drugs and when taken together, it might not be good for health.
  • If you must take medication while breastfeeding, mothers should not use alcohol as this can cause unwanted effects.



Currently on the market there are many types of a baby pack and play that will be very difficult for the mother to decide which is the best pack and play to buy for your sweetheart? The type is usually designed to ensure your baby from birth to 4- 5 years old. But parents should know these 7 things below to ensure absolute safety for the baby.

1. Beware of the old crib

You’ve been given a used pack and play by a relative or friend, and it is also very beautiful. Or you have found a pack and play on the liquidation net? All those cases are potentially happened, but it only good when you have carefully tested the safety standard of the furniture prior to using for babies. Whether the bars are sturdy or not? Paint on the cribs has nowhere peeling or not? So forth and so on.

2. Test the safety

Between the crib mattress and mattress edge cannot have any blank space as the child can be stuck and have injuries. Choose the flat cushions with suitable type due to the technical standards between the cushions and the pack and play in the same set. (more…)

There will come a point in your life when you have a baby. Even though this can be quite a joyous experience, one thing that you certainly won’t be looking forward to is rocking your baby to sleep. There is nothing that can soothe a new born baby more than gentle rocking. This is where baby swings come into the picture. They can do this for you. It’s also one of the best ways for you to calm down a newborn baby. But it is essential that you go through some of the best baby swing reviews before making any purchase decisions as you wouldn’t want to be stuck with a swing that is anything but the best right? But what do you look for in these reviews? Read on to find out.

There are many benefits of getting baby swings. Most of them are battery operated. They also emit a churning sound which is quite soothing for babies. Most of them will swing from front to back while there are some that swing from side to side as well. No matter which way your swing moves, it should have a harness and you must use it whenever the baby is in the swing.

Some swings come with plug-in options which get rid of the need for a battery. They are lightweight and easy to move around. But irrespective of how much you use these swings, you should never leave your babies unattended in them. (more…)

This is the last week of the first cycle within 3 months of pregnancy and is the stage where the pregnant woman about to enter into a new cycle of pregnancy. Nausea and fatigue are almost ended, it’s still not too big belly to feel sloppy and bloated. Be prepared for a surge of energy in the coming weeks as your body actually produces large amounts of the hormone causing a pleasant feeling.

When in the 12th week, you can begin to consider joining a fitness program designed specifically for pregnant women. The start of floor exercises now is quite important because it helps your body ready to support the growing weight of the uterus. Daily exercise will help strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, thereby avoiding the potential risks.

You can subscribe to a general class of other pregnant women who are also at this stage. In fact, many friendships arising from this prenatal course will extend sustainable then. You can get the support, sharing an experience as well as profound spiritual from friends of the same sex in this environment. This can be useful to you. (more…)