You are about to go through half of the first trimester of pregnancy. Although you are not on the surface appear to be pregnant, and you still do not feel entire about this miracle, but please be assured that many things are currently taking place within you.

Changes in the body condition of pregnant women during week 5

You may be suffering from constipation, produced by the hormone progesterone during pregnancy has a relaxing effect on the body will affect the large intestine and make it work slowed. To remedy this situation, you need to drink lots of water and fiber reinforcement in your diet.

You will continue to have symptoms as in the previous week. Feeling slimy, unbearable some dishes, status vomiting and even hot in the chest can occur throughout the day.

You have the feeling to swallow constantly, almost need to wear a brassiere, but it is not to the same extent. You should always take care of oral hygiene. When brushing your teeth or tongue cleaning, remember do not let the brush or tools to go too far into the throat, because reflections in this area can now very sensitive, can cause bouts greasy. (more…)

A full night’s sleep during pregnancy can be difficult. However, a little change in routine daily activities will help you get a good night’s sleep. This article can give you some tips to help you rest better.

Pregnancy brings many surprises, but one of the surprises are welcome at least disturbance to your sleep hours. Pregnancy is tired, then why do you have to awake at night when you need to sleep?

1. Easy your mind

Do not always mind filled with anxiety, how to complete the work, have enough money to support children unaware choose what color to paint the baby’s room … Anxiousness will make you unable to sleep.

Pregnancy hormones also make you irritable and sensitive. For example, eating foods high in sugar, caffeinated drinks or exercise too close to bedtime can also make you lose sleep.

Please try:

– Using the best pregnancy pillows

– Relax, breathe deeply.

– Read a book fun to soothing the mind before bedtime. (more…)

At 9 weeks old fetus, you will prepare to enter the final weeks of the first cycle of pregnancy. You will feel very fresh and excited if this is your first pregnancy. But even if you’ve had children before, then every pregnancy is a different experience, with new challenges.

It is normal if you compare this pregnancy with the last time, and use the experience to know the gender of the baby. However, her father was the deciding factor, not sex your baby, and everything was being arranged from 3 weeks of pregnancy gone.

How to love your baby?

You might wonder how I could love a child as much as other children with her first child. But do not worry. The Creator has created the baby inherent power that parents have to love to love, and the result is that the baby is very good work. Mothers are even very painful because their worries cannot get enough love to share them with you. Leave yourself enough time to nurture his love for children just born, and believe in me. You will not be disappointed.


From the 8th week until birth, the majority of changes in the baby’s body are the growth in size and full of body parts. Basically, each week your baby will be the miniature version of the baby being born, of course, is much smaller. Now all organs in the body have been formed and are prepared to support an independent life when the baby was born at about 40 weeks. The ability of babies with deformities will drop after the 8th week, but you still need to be very careful during the remaining gestation period.

So many questions like this?

For many women, time is 8 weeks the fetus is considered more difficult period, simply because the symptoms of morning sickness, this time, can leave you exhausted. Some women may find me relieved from the 8th week, when the risk of miscarriage has dropped, and the excitement began to rise. Is it still too early to buy things for the baby? Should the news with others now? Is your baby not healthy? How can we do this mom? From now on, these questions and other questions will be millions fills your mind. However, these are all very normal.


You have officially entered the week between the first three months of pregnancy. Perhaps you have also become familiar with the pregnancy and it is not too unfamiliar with their new addition. The 7-week-old fetus has begun to “reveal” clearly in the womb and, this time, you can feel the fetus in the womb. Although for most women, the first week results are not easy; but some mothers left unharmed. If you’re among them, do not feel like I was robbed of something sacred and special. Still more than 30 weeks, you wait and experience the feeling of pregnancy.

At first glance, it’s difficult to see what you’re pregnant, but you yourself will feel his abdomen significantly thicker. Slim pants or skirt bunch will not fit anymore, and you no longer choose the furniture comfortable as before. Still a little early to dress up this time so please vote carefully record your closet and try to find the shirtwaist pants have wide or lung elastic spandex.

When pregnancy is 7 weeks, perhaps you want the good news to family and close friends. No time is the perfect time to let the whole world know what you are about to have a baby. Please share your happiness with your loved ones at this time (more…)

You are continuing the pregnancy week full of fatigue in the first 3 months of pregnancy. Talking about deep breathing, from now until the birth, you may feel your lungs narrow. There is a reason that someone has occupied the space of your lungs and this can take some time.

Let’s go shopping

Entering the 10th week of pregnancy, nausea and fatigue will disappear. You can feel the appetite. The women usually love to eat special foods, even foods they previously did not like; they often eat more food a craving is due to its delicious taste. Chewing ice, eating fresh vegetables, soft yogurt, marshmallows are fascinating things. Therefore, always bring with you a few favorite foods to be able to use when needed.

These physical changes during the 10th week

Due to the influence of hormones, the skin around the nipple will be darker and brown spots begin to appear more on the face. Especially appears a dark line extends from the navel to the lower abdomen and will fade after the birth.

The increase in blood volume in the body makes you more radiant. Finally, those annoying pimples and unsightly to you in recent weeks will disappear, giving way to a more beautiful radiant skin.

Usually from the 10th week onwards, you do not have to regularly run to the bathroom because of nausea anymore. Because the uterus is lifted out of the pelvis, bladder makes room for more activities. Touching the belly, you can feel the uterus, protruding peaks. This perceives as clearly as you lie in bed and feel urinate. (more…)