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Tuesday, 30 December 2003
Trillian Pro v2.0 chatting to user ICQ 2003 user...

Trillian Pro v2.0you're in our Trillian archive..
if you want the latest Trillian information check out Trillian v3.1

If you're a TrillianPro v2.0 user who chats to an ICQ 2003 user this smiley / smilie / emoticon reference chart will hopefully help you come to terms with which of the Trillian smileys will work with ICQ 2003 users

Shown in the table below arranged as per the default Trillian Pro (v2.0) smileys selection menu using default smileys / emoticons Trillian Professional v1.7 16x16...

Trillian Pro v2.0 Smiley Selection Menu with ICQ 2003 user...

top rown the smiley input from the Trillian Pro v2.0 user (based on their using the smiley selection menu)
row beneath, the results shown the ICQ 2003 user chat window

Basic Smileys

© ICQ v2003b © ICQ v2003b :-o :-d © ICQ v2003b :-I :-S :-s © ICQ v2003b :@ © ICQ v2003b


© ICQ v2003b >:-0 © ICQ v2003b $-D © ICQ v2003b © ICQ v2003b © ICQ v2003b © ICQ v2003b      
MSN Messenger Compatible

:-# 8o| (y) (yn) (n) (l) (u) (k) (g) (f) (x) (z)

(p) (b) (d) (t) (@) (c) (i) (#) (S) (*) (8) (e)

(m) (v) (0) (w) ({) (}) (?) (r) (~) (h) (&) (o)


(um) (mo) (pi) (ci) (au) (co) (pl) (ap) (xx)      


(bah) (sn) (so) (||) (st) (li) (ip) (mp) (tu)      
Yahoo! Messenger Compatible

© ICQ v2003b :"> :-> LOL :-; X-( :-B I-) :-& *-) /_\


8-| [-o< =© ICQ v2003b 8-X (cowboy) :o) 3© ICQ v2003b :@) © ICQ v2003b|) (~~) **==  


;© ICQ v2003b %%- © ICQ v2003b>-                  
Extra Smileys

:-] © ICQ v2003b :-T :-J :-L :-C :-Z :-? ;-P :-9 X-D X-S

X-O X-P 8-O :-U :-, :-. :-' (look) :'-) :~) :-Y 8-B

B© ICQ v2003b I© ICQ v2003b (head
LMAO :'S :'C X-) ROFL B-P I-() >-) >-D

(giggle) :{) (grandma) >-( %-) (nod) (wrong) (drool) (sick) (fail) :-^ ;-^


X-^ :-3 :'D O.o T_T              
Extra Objects

(victory) (ok) (five) (wave) BRB (n/a) (eye) (toilet) (n/s) (audiocd) (ps2) (duck)

(gb) (ket) (pc) (water) (flag) (tv) (book) (food) (food2) (sushi) (steak) (candy

(robot) (drums) (globe) (home) (work) (dice) (write) (file) (toast) (info) (error) (bug)

(octopus) (bunny) (squirrel) (turkey) (frog) (xmas) (cent) (ufo) (apple) (balloon) (icecream) (soda)


(fish) (webcam) (search) (key) (lock) (cheese) (wine) (hotdog)        
Extra Symbols

(beep) (!) (argh) ''8 ''* (talk) (mmm) ''l (+) (-) (.) '''


  ``` <-- --> --- (Trillian)              

Smileys available in Trillian Pro v2.0 but not available on selection menu...

8-| (^)
l© ICQ v2003b
l© ICQ v2003b
© ICQ v2003b
© ICQ v2003b
o© ICQ v2003b
o© ICQ v2003b
0© ICQ v2003b
0© ICQ v2003b
}© ICQ v2003b
}© ICQ v2003b
}© ICQ v2003b
}© ICQ v2003b
>© ICQ v2003b
>© ICQ v2003b

:-" :^o \/
<© ICQ v2003b
<© ICQ v2003b
:~9 >-D


-.- -_- (bounce)




:-o~~~ =:-3




^v dHz

for a reversal of views check out ICQ 2003 user to Trillian Pro v2.0 user

for more information check about using ICQ check out WackyB.co.nz - ICQ 2003

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all Trillian Emoticons shown are
Copyrighted by Cerulean Studios 1999 - 2003

all ICQ emoticons / smileys shown above are
Copyright ©1998-2003 ICQ Inc.

Last Updated ( Monday, 03 April 2006 )

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