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Sunday, 29 April 2007

WackyB YIM Skin Maker PLUS++

- Create unlimited skins for Yahoo! Messenger...
                            (...Why wait for Vista!)

NEW v1.2.12 released 29th April 2007

To Download v1.2.12 click [here...] (324Kb)

(Looking for the standard version of WackyB YIM Skin Maker? Click [here...])

Why wait for Vista and the new version of Yahoo! Messenger to be able to stylise and change the way your messenger looks for you. WackyB's Skin Maker Plus++ lets you do it right now! Compatible with Yahoo! Messenger from versions 6 through 7, 7.5, 8, and right up to the current v8.1

Wood & Metal Skins created in seconds...

WackyB Yahoo! Messenger Skin Maker Plus++ is a unique new way for creating and distributing cool new skins for your favorite instant messenger. Creating your skin couldn't be simpler.. simply adjust the sliders and watch the results instantly in the live preview window. Sharing them with your friends or on your website for anyone to download and use couldn't be easier; Registered users can click the 'Create Skin File' button to instantly generate a self installing skin file... Better yet the install file also contains the complete WackyB Skin Maker Plus++ utility so they can tweak your skin creation or make their own!... all in a compact file of less than 330Kb (smaller than some skin downloads themselves!).

Registration removes the '' text from your skins title and skin name (for your own and when you distribute your skin to others!), You wont have to sit and wait while the start-up screen counts down.. Plus you are supporting development of this and other cool utilities!

To install your skin...Give your skin a name and you are ready to roll.... hit the 'Generate Skin' button and you will find your new creation from the change skin menu in messenger, Simple as that!

You get full control over you colour scheme, adjust the hue slider to select your colour and the saturation slider to control the intensity. When you have the basics looking how you want you can go ahead and tweak the font colour to match or contrast with your selection. Fine tune the colours with the last set of controls, here you can blend colours and add background colours to the text area and friends list. Tick the 'Enable Textures' box and you can now select from over 40 textures to enhance your skin's look and feel. Texture adjustment sliders let you change every aspect of your texture from the subtle to extreme... It's easy to create and install wood/metal/stone/canvas/paper/etc skins in minutes

Screen Shot of WackyB Yahoo! Instant Messenger Skin Maker Plus++


WackyB YIM Skin Maker Plus++ has the following main features:

• Skins compatible with v6 through to v8.1 of Yahoo! Messenger (and above)
• Create an almost unlimited variation of messenger skins
• Simple to use, Slider adjustments for all configurations
• Adjust font colour separately to blend or contrast
• Option to colour friends list background and text input box
• Super compact! File size is only 324Kb, This is smaller than most zip files of messenger skins but includes not only your own skin design but also the same full preview editor! when you use WackyB YIM Skin Maker Plus++ to distribute your skin.
• Create easy to distribute install files for your new skins with one button press.
• Installer defaults to common Yahoo Messenger install directory with option to change for alternate locations.


Example of various other skin themes created with WackyB YIM Skin Maker Plus++

The best way to see how it works is to download the trial version below and take it for a run yourself or you can download some of the skin distribution files used in the examples above to check out what's possible and how your self install files will look for others when you send them to friends...

WackyB-YIM_Skin-WackyB_Art Canvas.exe
WackyB-YIM_Skin-WackyB_Cold Steel.exe
WackyB-YIM_Skin-WackyB_Green Mold.exe
WackyB-YIM_Skin-WackyB_Orange Stripe.exe
WackyB-YIM_Skin-WackyB_Paint Dab.exe
WackyB-YIM_Skin-WackyB_Purple Texture.exe
WackyB-YIM_Skin-WackyB_Red Marble.exe

Upgrade features :

Registered users get to use WackyB YIM Skin Maker Plus++ without the start up delay screen. You will be able to create skins ready to distribute and your skins will not contain the text on the title bar or the WackyB text to the skin name.


To Download v1.2.12 click [here...] (324Kb ~0.3Mb)

Your unlock key will be sent within seconds of payment received. Now available for the special price of only $14.95

WackyB YIM Skin Maker Plus++
Only US$14.95

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If you experience any problems while installing, using, or registering please contact us online at our forums
or online using Yahoo Messenger (ID: stickercam)

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