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Saturday, 05 May 2007

..well actually it's :bz not buzz but it's close enough.. and yes it's officially a new smiley that's (currently) only availabe in the new Yahoo! Messenger for the Web!

How it came about...
Based on some articles we had seen earlier in the day (Yodel "Yahoo! Messenger Hold the Download", Yahoo! Messenger Blog NEW! Yahoo! Messenger for the Web, etc) Andy and I were both aware that Yahoo! had released it's latest offering, Yahoo! Messenger for the Web in beta and while our quick glimpse at it was exciting (and were we hankering to get stuck into it) our day was already heavily committed, Andy was polishing up Skin Maker Plus++ for Yahoo! Messenger and I was neck deep in some Yahoo! Messenger Skin tutorials (yet to be complete... need I say more than "easily distracted" ;) so it wasn't until late that night that we were able to hit the forum to start tidying up our day... and it was then that we came across a post by jeffbonforte informing us about Yahoo's NEW Web Based Messenger now being publically available as a beta version, but the clincher to what kept us up until the wee hours of the morning was what he tacked on the end of his post...

"...Also, I think there is an easter egg emoticon in there for Bee, no? "

...and that's what set into motion our latest marathon effort of reviewing Yahoo! Messenger for the Web and tracking down any new smileys, which as you can see from the smiley posted above, was a successful mission :D As it's nearly 1am and we've been at it since 6am, it's time for us to turn in... I'm completely knackerd.. but still a buzzing (or should that be :bz'in ;) either way it's time for us to shut down for the night (before we fall down ;) but before we go:

Yahoo! Messenger for the WebIf you want an introduction to the list of the features currently available in the Flash version of Yahoo! Messenger for the Web then check out our Yahoo! Web Messenger article, or for a full rundown and some "how to's" check out our Yahoo! Web Messenger Features article but what I consider to be just the bees knees about this version is:
- Tabbed IMing
- the updated smileys which are now Flash images and oh so cool! Because they are Flash based this paves the way for dynamic expanding and resizing as seen in the Yahoo! Messenger for Vista preview
- Super Quick access to Yahoo! Messenger for the Web via or you can take the long road and get there with
- Online Archives, you can now access all your Web Based conversations at any time, from any location
- Windows Live Messenger user / friend support (although these conversations aren't archived, perhaps in the future they will be...)
- Scrolling text notification of new IM's received in your browser title/s and browser task bar button/s
but there are loads more awesome features in this version don't forget to swing by our Yahoo! Web Messenger Features article

my personal recommendation.. check out it! It's super fast, simply to navigate around, easy to use.. quite simply put, it's fantastic and a huge improvement on the old java based version.

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Last Updated ( Thursday, 10 May 2007 )