Yahoo Messenger v5.5 Dings Trouble
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Tuesday, 18 November 2003
Between v5.0 and 5.5 there is a slight change to how use "dings", v5.0 supported the following colour tag...
<font color="6600ff">
with v5.5 you can MUST remove the " and " <font color=6600ff> for the colours to work

thanks heaps to Adam K. Wolff :)

Since we started "dinging" we've had numerous success stories.. but with success comes failure..thankfully not a lot! Here is a brief summary of the problems that some of you are having...

"..All I see is Y's not hearts!"

"..Everything looks great.. until I hit enter then the font reverts back to Tahoma!"

"..I can't see a thing.. no dings and no colour effects!

I'm sorry to say that we have no idea why this happens to some of you and not others.. the ding scripts were trialed on 1500 people prior to posting the information on the site and it wasn't until we released it that we started to hear of some problems! We have struggled to find a common thread but alas neither operating system, browser or messenger version has lead us to what the actual cause of the problems are.. sorry! We will continue to work on it but to date out of the 30 or so emails we have recieved from people experiencing a problem only a handful still remain unresolved..the "solutions" that worked for some of you are listed below...

If your using Colour Effects in Yahoo Messenger turn off this in preferences so that your font is a stand colour.. eg. black

Hit F3 (this refreshes the IM window) thanks Pierre aka just_another_giggalo

Check to see that you have the webding and wingding font installed.. the easiest way to do this is to check your Font drop down menu in an active IM window.. hit the down arrow and scroll down the list.

Hi just wanted to let you know, that for some reason, if I type something like yyyyyy in my yahoo message window then high light it,(drag my mouse across it) then choose the webding font then hit enter, it lets me see the webding font and type in that font for awhile. don't quite understand why but for some reason that helps.

we'll keep you updated as things come to light :-)
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