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Tuesday, 18 November 2003
Our "Sometimes" Newsletter springs back to life! is very much Instant Messenger related (heavy on YIM) so if you're not interest in Instant Messenger news & views then it's a little pointless signing up ;) but if you're an Instant Messenger fan then jump on board :)

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It's called our "sometimes" newsletter because we are never too sure when the next issue is going to be sent out... if there is a lot of Instant Messenger (IM) news then you may get an issue delivered to your inbox on a regular basis (e.g once a fortnight), if there is little going on in the IM world then you might see a summary pop into your inbox once a month. Generally if a new or updated version of one of our much loved IM's is released then expect an issue to be delivered filling you in :)

check out our previous NewslettersBasically the newsletter will cover...
the latest Instant Messenger News
the latest Instant Messenger Versions available (YIM, MSN, ICQ, AIM, BitWise, GoogleTalk etc)
highlighted sections and notices of updates to
links to threads of interest posted at our forums
general chatter... sometimes I just can't help myself

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want to check out previous issues to see what it's all about? check out our Newsletter Archive

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You MUST be able to read HTML emails (basically it means your email client must be able to show you pretty pictures and text ;) if you subscribe and you can't, then all you're going to see a pile of jumbled text that makes no sense whatsoever. If you're email client can't view HTML, or you have this disabled then check our Newsletter Archive for the latest issue.

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Can't stand the stuff and you certainly wont be getting any from us. You can unsubscribe at any time, you don't need to email us, you can unsubscribe all by yourself...

What will we do with your email address once you've given it to us?
try not to loose it ;) Seriously though, your address will be put into a database that we'll use specifically for the newsletter.. and ONLY the newsletter. We won't sell it, share it, or give it away. I can't stand it when someone does that with my email so I have no intention of doing it with yours either :)

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