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Tuesday, 18 November 2003
As Yahoo announced... some of the skins built for previous versions of Yahoo! Messenger may not work on verison 5,0,0,1015 and above. Further information is available at [Yahoo Messenger Skins Help]. If you have an error message that generates a dialog box (like Invalid Token) then check out our page Yahoo Error Messages for possible solutions :-)

on with it...
Yahoo Messenger is not perfect... no program is... so it's inevitable that one day your going to run into problems but fortunately help is never too far way ;-)

The latest version is so if you're having problems that you suspect originate from Yahoo not you're computer you might want to give some thought to getting that version from [] (Yahoo! site)

[Invalid Exception Errors...]
[System Requirements...]
[I Can't Smiley At All... Why?]
[The New Smileys Don't Work]
[I Can't do the Monkey!]
[How can I tell what version I have Installed?]
[...but will I loose my Friends List?]
[I can't hear the sound files!!]
[Can't add friends or send messages?]
[Messenger starts every time.... STOP IT!]

Invalid Exception Errors...
If you are getting an invalid exception error or you just cannot get messenger to open...
Go to the main page of and click on the messenger icon at the top of the page. When that opens up select to run the java version. When it loads go to file then privacy and clear your ignore list. It should work after that.
If it doesn't then go back to the java version and clear off some friends that you dont talk to very often and it should definately work.
I finally figured out it had to have something to do with ignore list or friend list when I tried it on a completely different computer and it still would not work. I also changed my yahoo ID and messenger worked, so I knew it was not me. I was telling a friend of mine about this about the same time his crashed and he stumbled on the java version solution. WTG da_man_lmtd!!!!!!!!
Hope this helps someone else!!

System Requirements for Yahoo Messenger are:
1. Microsoft Windows 95/98/98SE/ME/NT/2000 (they've covered all the bases!)
2. Microsoft Internet Explorer 4 and above
3. a Yahoo! Account (don't panic about this because it's really easy to set up and it's free. The first time you launch Messenger simply hit Get a Yahoo ID and fill out the required fields)
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"I Can't Smiley at all... WHY????"
This is perhaps the question we get asked the most... and fortunately (for us and you!) it's one of the easiest to solve. There are two main reasons why you Smileys don't work...

1.You don't have Microsoft Paint installed...
to check this out you have two options...
Hit Start
select Programs
select Accessories
and look for Paint
OR you can...
Hit Winkey+F (to launch Search)
in Search For Files and Folders Named type in paint.exe (or mspaint.exe or paint)
hit Search Now
Ok.. most likely you'll find that paint is missing!
You need to uninstall Yahoo Messenger (no you won't loose your Friends list and Yes you have to uninstall it... Paint must be installed prior to Messenger being installed) then you need to do the following...
Hit Start
select Settings
select Control Panel
select Add/Remove Programs
hit the Windows Setup tab
select Accessories
hit the Details button
now scroll down till you find Paint and put a check mark beside it
hit ok
hit ok
now toddle along to Yahoo, [download messenger] and install it.. ta da!'ve disabled Smileys! (this is not available in version 5)
This is easy enough to fix...
Launch Yahoo Messenger
hit Login
select Preferences
under Category select Messages
put a check beside Enable Graphic Smileys in Messages
hit apply
hit ok
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"The New smileys aren't working!!"
if you're other Smileys are showing up just fine then what you need is the latest version of messenger installed. So just pop along to Yahoo and download... simple aye ;-)
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I Can't do the Monkey smiley :(|)
now this little darling is causing some of you a lot of grief.. the 3rd keystroke is not a capital i nor is it a lowercase L it's actually one of these | so what the heck is it? Check your keyboard for this key \ now it should be shared with this key | or in some cases a broken line very similar ¦ .. hit shft+\ and there you have it! Now keyboards differ from age to age and in some cases brand for brand so if it's not as we have detailed above then just go a hunting for it on your particlar keyboard. If you want to let us know where yours is then we'll post the information for other users :-)
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"How can I tell what version I have installed?"
Launch Yahoo Messenger
hit Help
hit About Yahoo Messenger
right beneath the Red and Purple graphic Yahoo Messenger is...
Yahoo! Messenger (#.#.#.###) # is a number which tells you the version you have installed
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"...but will I loose my Friends List???"
No! Uninstalling Messenger, downloading a new version and throwing it over the top or totally distroying the version you have installed will not result in a lost or deleted friends list. Your list is stored on Yahoo's side.. nice and safe :-)
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"I can't hear the sound files!"
the most common reason for this is that you have messenger set to play a sound when someone sends you and IM.. all you have to do is disable this setting, here's how...
Launch Yahoo Messenger
hit Login
select Preferences
under Category select Alerts and Sounds
first off make sure Enable Sounds is checked
now in the right hand side look for I Receive an Instant Message
click on this once (it'll highlight blue)
under Alert Me By:
uncheck Playing a Sound
hit Apply
hit OK

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Can't add friends or send messages?
"If you are clicking the Add button or trying to double-click a friend's ID to send a message and nothing is happening, it's possible that you no longer have a necessary system file on your computer called RICHED32.DLL. To put this file back on your computer, you just need to download a small program that replaces it." - Yahoo Help
head straight to [Yahoo! Troubleshooting Help] (Yahoo! site) and grab yourself a copy of Riched32.dll and follow the instructions posted on the site

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"Messenger starts every time....STOP IT!"
Every time your system boots there she is.... sick of it? Simply turn it off...
Launch Messenger
hit Login
select Preferences
under category select General
now simply uncheck the box beside "Automatically launch Yahoo Messenger when I start up my computer."
hit apply
hit ok
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