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Tuesday, 18 November 2003
This is what you call a one sided conversation ;-)

I have no idea what happened with this one ... one minute I'm chatting with someone, the next minute I get this message and they can type to me but I can't type to them!! Argh!


The Beta Blues

submitted by Sagar
I had sent you a snap shot of the live IM with no voice icon. And it has nothing to do with IMinviornments.. Infact I have never been able to get the voice thing execept once when I was using the older version (last to last one of the new Beta version) but ofcourse I was not able to do anyhting abt it coz i am behind proxy. Anyways if I am not able to use it does not meen i should not see the icons to it too!!!

another snap shot of mine which I get regualrly and after I have downladed Beta version(5....18) its become a regualrity..:-(

This is just an all time classic!!

submitted by Shar (aka munch_mummy)

I had this error 3 times in 10 minutes ... totally threw me I'm like WTF? ...... I was using it at the time and was quite concerned that it wasnt even installed !!! .... I clicked on install and it took me to the site I downloaded it from in the first place. Please someone tell me I dont need to install it again LOL.

[Space People]

"Everytime i see one of my buddies status as "View my Webcam", well i just hit it.and the thing that i get is that. And i got just about 1 option. X it of. I tried to reinstall messanger and all other good stuff. I dont know whats wrong. That is plus one more thing for yahoo to fix"

Note: you have to 18+ to use the webcam service.. when your profile states tht your under 18 you will recieve this message :-)

Stef and Yahoo Messenger...
have on ongoing relationship that seems to be flourishing ;-)

LOL!!!! Ok, this one looks bad ... I wasn't trying to ignore my friends, I promise!! :D I accidentally added some wacko to my list (and omg are there some wackos out there!) so I had to block him ;) Pretty straight forward - comes from trying to block someone on your Friends list.

This one was when I got a little too eager to block someone ... seems you can only ignore someone once :P This must look bad ... I don't go around blocking everyone, just the few wackos!! ;)

Ok, this one is really straight forward, comes from the Beta version and is another indication that the IMVironments are only good if lots of people you know are stupid enough to get the Beta version! (Yes, I've had some bad experiences with Beta Yahoo! :P)
Stef (aka MyAngelGrrr aka friendotv)


umm.. err...
what can you say but duh!
How useful!
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