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Tuesday, 27 April 2004
All New Yahoo!

More information regarding  The All New Yahoo Messenger v6001643
more information
available [HERE]
Yahoo Messenger Beta - "The All New Yahoo! Messenger" Downloading and Installing v 6,0,0,1555

UPDATE: 24th May 04 Yahoo Messenger releases v6.0
for further information see - Yahoo Messenger v6

Ok, so your unsure whether to download the latest yahoo beta version of messenger and just what will happen if you do? That being the case you're in the perfect place! Below is a super quick (yet long *g*) burble about just what to expect from a beta* (*definition of beta test) version (of anything, not just a program from Yahoo!) and you'll also find step by step screenshots of the download and install process....

Beta? So what is it and what can I expect?
ok, basically Beta = Buggy
buggy being it's not perfect and it's not the finished product so expect some problems.. some of you may have no problems at all, yet others my suffer BSOD and a wide variety of errors so before you install the beta please make sure you're ready for the challenge.. and yes it is a challenge, but it's also all good, all fun and all in the name of making our much loved Yahoo! Messenger a whole lot better.

If you like your system and your software squeaky clean don't touch the beta (or any beta version) just kick back and wait for the hard core plonkers (yes, I am proud and/or insane enough to wear the plonker badge proudly) to take it for a spin driver first, then let a few more betas come and go then reconsider jumping in or just place it safe and hang for a few weeks/months until the final production release is set free :)
NOTE: check our Forum for the latest gossip and opinions re the (beta) V6,0,0,1555

So you're up for the challenge?
Cool! Don't get stressed, take precautions (just in case it all packs a sad) by backing up you messenger archives and your computer etc...
- to cover most bases (not all) ensure you have a copy of your Yahoo! folder safetly tucked away somewhere (your My Documents folder or your desktop is a great place)
- grab a copy of your current Yahoo Messenger version in case you have to roll it all back by reinstalling (see our Yahoo FAQ section and scroll to "Where can I find a previous version of YIM?")
- if you have system restore then use it to create a restore point BEFORE you download and install the beta

Do you meet the minimum system requirements?
Windows 98/2000/Me/XP
Microsoft Internet Explorer - 5.0 or higher
Macromedia Flash Player - 6.0 or higher
Windows Media Player - 7 or higher
56k or broadband Internet connection (LAUNCHcast)
Note: Yahoo no longer supports Windows 95 and NT.
Customers running Windows 95 and NT can only instant message with this version.

that being said and done...
the beta is a Windows only version and you can download it from
Download The All New Yahoo! Messenger Beta
smack that bright orange "Download BETA" button

and your transported to
from there you'll see...

then up pops...

then the install options screen where you can select from...

or typical

which includes...
• Yahoo! Messenger - Instant Messenger
(you kinda need this selected *g*)
• Yahoo! Companion Toolbar with Pop-Up Blocker
• Yahoo! Customizations
• etc
or custom

where you can select from the following options...
• Yahoo! Messenger - Instant Messenger
   space required 10.30mb (you kinda need this selected *g*)
• Yahoo! Companion Toolbar with Pop-Up Blocker
   space required 0.52mb
• Yahoo! Customizations
   space required 0.63mb
• Set Yahoo! Mail as default mail
   space required 0.15mb
• Set my browser homepage to My Yahoo!
   space required 0.0mb
don't forget (regardless of "typical" or "custom") that there is the check box option to "Set my browser homepage to My Yahoo!" so check or uncheck as you see fit

I personally selected "Custom" (you don't have to, it's just my own personal preference)

based on my own selections from custom install, I had selected....
• Yahoo! Messenger - Instant Messenger
   space required 10.30mb (pretty obvious *g*)
and I passed on...
• Yahoo! Companion Toolbar with Pop-Up Blocker
   I don't use IE and I already have a pop-up blocker
• Yahoo! Customizations
   which I believe is for IE? not sure as I didn't select this option ;)
• Set Yahoo! Mail as default mail
   I don't use Yahoo! Mail
• Set my browser homepage to My Yahoo!
   already have a homepage I am more than happy with :)

and here's how the remainder of the install unfolded for me...

you're presented with
the "License Agreement"

I know you don't feel like wading your way through it but plse do as it is an agreement you are making and when you check "Yes, I accept the terms of this agreement" they aren't kidding ;)

next is "Ready to Install"

with a total download size of 4.37mb

next a series of....

which will take you right up to 100%

then up pops...

tada! up pops the login to your swish new version of Yahoo....


then up pops...

and you're in....

now behind the scene your browser may redirect you to....
Congratulations! You have successfully downloaded Yahoo! Messenger.
bookmark that page or take note of the links provided as they really are quite handy :)

which provides you will a summary of links...
Getting Started....
Sign up for a Yahoo! ID
New to Yahoo! Messenger?
Tell your friends
Get more help
- the most out of Yahoo! Messenger:

Get the most out of Yahoo! Messenger...
Go Mobile!
See IMVironments
Create an Avatar <--- NEW
Try Super Webcam


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