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Tuesday, 25 May 2004
Need to Contact Yahoo!?

Tracking down contact details and forms for Yahoo can be a challenge at the best of times, especially when it comes to reporting abuse or seeking further assistance. Best advise we can give you is that when your presented with a drop down menu on one of their forms choose from the list of options carefully, don't just select the first option that sounds close enough, scroll down the entire list of options first then make your selection.

Yahoo! Contact Details:
Phone: (408) 349-3300
Fax: (408) 349-3301

701 First Avenue
California 94089


8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. PST

Yahoo Messenger Feeback Form:
the be all and end all of forms so choose your "problem" from their extensive drop down menu carefully.
Invalid Login form
and Registration form

Yahoo Privacy Feeback Form:
general privacy questions or feedback, account security, marketing preferences, financial privacy, childrens privacy, privacy voliations

Yahoo Reporting Abuse:
Reporting Member Conduct
reporting Yahoo users abusing services (messenger, chat, games, mail etc)
Reporting Yahoo Mail Harassment/Impersonation
Reporting Unsolicited Yahoo Mail
from International Mail Account
Reporting Profile Abuse
Impersonation, Personal Information posted on profile, Direct Threats of physical harm, Other
Reporting Message Board Abuse
Spam, impersonation, harassment, obscenity, derogatory language, confidential information
Email from someone asking for your account information
forward the entire email to
Account Security Reporting and email alerting password change, suspicious email claiming to be from Yahoo, given your password to someone and you can no longer access your account
Reporting Briefcase Content
prohibited content, unauthorized photos, copyright material, inappropriate material, adult content.

Yahoo Messenger Security :

Questions about Security or a vulnerablity
Report a technical vulnerablity to

Yahoo! Policies and Documentation:
Yahoo! Privacy Policy
Yahoo! Terms of Service
Yahoo! Universal Anti-Spam Policy
Yahoo! General Disclaimer
Yahoo! Copyright and Intellectual Property

Need Help? Can Help?
at our forum (for Instant Messenger Help, Support, Smileys & Plonking) you'll find a section dedicated to Yahoo Messenger related questions and information... if you have an Yahoo Messenger problem please don't hesitate to register and post your question there. Equally so.. if you're a bit of a whizz on Yahoo Messenger we're always on the look out for members to chip in and lend a hand around the place.. and it's always greatly apprecicated and you'll be rewarded with loads of warm fuzzies ;)


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