Guide to breastfeeding for mothers

Mother’s milk is undoubtedly the best way of raising children. Breast milk contains nutrients for the development of young children, is characterized by immunity helps prevent contamination and of course, breastfeeding will be cheaper and more convenient than bottle feeding.

Breastfeeding also has benefited in terms of health protection for mothers, particularly against ovarian cancer and breast cancer pre-menopausal stage. With mothers already have diabetes during pregnancy; breastfeeding reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes switched after birth. (more…)

One of the concerns of the mothers is taking the drug problem when breastfeeding. It is difficult to determine the amount of the drug into the body through breast milk baby. So the best way is to always read the side effects of the drug in the manual and consult the doctor before taking the drug. You need to follow your doctor’s instructions carefully to use the drug safely.

Although some drugs may suit you, but there is only a kind of small concentrations of it can also cause harm to the baby because the baby’s body cannot fully adapt to the effects of drugs.

Factors affecting drug levels

  • Self-medication: Certain drugs are considered safe for breastfeeding mothers. If used properly, the doses and indications will not cause harm.
  • Dosage: Use the correct medication dosage is also very important for mothers who are breastfeeding.
  • The fat content of breast milk: The fat in breast milk is where drugs are kept and transported.
  • The drug is transmitted to babies through breast milk. Baby drug absorption levels will depend on the time the baby is breastfed after the medication of mother. After about 1-2 hours after the mother medication, scientists have detected the presence of drugs in breast milk.
  • Using multiple medications at once: Some medicines may interact with other drugs and increase or decrease the effect of the drug.
  • Pills before eating: Take the medication before you eat can alter absorption compared to pills after eating. Some food allergies to certain drugs and when taken together, it might not be good for health.
  • If you must take medication while breastfeeding, mothers should not use alcohol as this can cause unwanted effects.



Currently on the market there are many types of a baby pack and play that will be very difficult for the mother to decide which is the best pack and play to buy for your sweetheart? The type is usually designed to ensure your baby from birth to 4- 5 years old. But parents should know these 7 things below to ensure absolute safety for the baby.

1. Beware of the old crib

You’ve been given a used pack and play by a relative or friend, and it is also very beautiful. Or you have found a pack and play on the liquidation net? All those cases are potentially happened, but it only good when you have carefully tested the safety standard of the furniture prior to using for babies. Whether the bars are sturdy or not? Paint on the cribs has nowhere peeling or not? So forth and so on.

2. Test the safety

Between the crib mattress and mattress edge cannot have any blank space as the child can be stuck and have injuries. Choose the flat cushions with suitable type due to the technical standards between the cushions and the pack and play in the same set. (more…)

There will come a point in your life when you have a baby. Even though this can be quite a joyous experience, one thing that you certainly won’t be looking forward to is rocking your baby to sleep. There is nothing that can soothe a new born baby more than gentle rocking. This is where baby swings come into the picture. They can do this for you. It’s also one of the best ways for you to calm down a newborn baby. But it is essential that you go through some of the best baby swing reviews before making any purchase decisions as you wouldn’t want to be stuck with a swing that is anything but the best right? But what do you look for in these reviews? Read on to find out.

There are many benefits of getting baby swings. Most of them are battery operated. They also emit a churning sound which is quite soothing for babies. Most of them will swing from front to back while there are some that swing from side to side as well. No matter which way your swing moves, it should have a harness and you must use it whenever the baby is in the swing.

Some swings come with plug-in options which get rid of the need for a battery. They are lightweight and easy to move around. But irrespective of how much you use these swings, you should never leave your babies unattended in them. (more…)

This is the last week of the first cycle within 3 months of pregnancy and is the stage where the pregnant woman about to enter into a new cycle of pregnancy. Nausea and fatigue are almost ended, it’s still not too big belly to feel sloppy and bloated. Be prepared for a surge of energy in the coming weeks as your body actually produces large amounts of the hormone causing a pleasant feeling.

When in the 12th week, you can begin to consider joining a fitness program designed specifically for pregnant women. The start of floor exercises now is quite important because it helps your body ready to support the growing weight of the uterus. Daily exercise will help strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, thereby avoiding the potential risks.

You can subscribe to a general class of other pregnant women who are also at this stage. In fact, many friendships arising from this prenatal course will extend sustainable then. You can get the support, sharing an experience as well as profound spiritual from friends of the same sex in this environment. This can be useful to you. (more…)

The 11th week of pregnancy is the landmark that you and your baby are turning into the 2nd cycle of pregnancy with many difficulties and tiredness. However, over the next week, you will get used to the physical changes; it will start to feel healthy and a little bit more pleasant.

At this point, you may have an ultrasound once and hear your baby’s heartbeat for the first time. For those women whose pregnancies are unintended, then the “feel” a real live pathogen presenting in your body will change their lives very much.

The psychological changes

You will feel a special connection with the mothers and other pregnant women. However, somewhere there are worries vague, non-specific. Sometimes you will be less confident, not sure if you are really ready for motherhood, and how to complete a role that brilliantly. However, do not worry about these feelings, this is the psychological condition that is completely normal and pregnant women will have to undergo. (more…)

You are continuing the pregnancy week full of fatigue in the first 3 months of pregnancy. Talking about deep breathing, from now until the birth, you may feel your lungs narrow. There is a reason that someone has occupied the space of your lungs and this can take some time.

Let’s go shopping

Entering the 10th week of pregnancy, nausea and fatigue will disappear. You can feel the appetite. The women usually love to eat special foods, even foods they previously did not like; they often eat more food a craving is due to its delicious taste. Chewing ice, eating fresh vegetables, soft yogurt, marshmallows are fascinating things. Therefore, always bring with you a few favorite foods to be able to use when needed.

These physical changes during the 10th week

Due to the influence of hormones, the skin around the nipple will be darker and brown spots begin to appear more on the face. Especially appears a dark line extends from the navel to the lower abdomen and will fade after the birth.

The increase in blood volume in the body makes you more radiant. Finally, those annoying pimples and unsightly to you in recent weeks will disappear, giving way to a more beautiful radiant skin.

Usually from the 10th week onwards, you do not have to regularly run to the bathroom because of nausea anymore. Because the uterus is lifted out of the pelvis, bladder makes room for more activities. Touching the belly, you can feel the uterus, protruding peaks. This perceives as clearly as you lie in bed and feel urinate. (more…)

One thing that most people tend to ignore after giving birth is their physical fitness. This is not healthy at all. It is very important for people to maintain their fitness levels or they are certainly going to pay for it as they get older. Walking or jogging is a great way of staying physically fit and it also releases endorphins in the brain which helps you stay mentally fit. It’s also a great way of teaching your children the value of leading an active lifestyle and exercising regularly. But what do you do with your kids while you are exercising? Can’t you leave them unattended at home right? So why not take them along with you? How? All you need is to find the best double jogging stroller for infant and toddler.

There is only one name which really comes to mind as far as the best double stroller is concerned, the BOB Revolution 12″ Duallie Stroller. Even though it is on the expensive side, you will soon realize that it is worth every penny. By the time you are done reading this article, you will not want to buy any other stroller for sure.

Do you know the best part about this stroller? It comes 99% assembled. All you need to do is put on the wheels and you are ready to go. Now, here are a few things about this stroller which you are going to love:

Seats, straps and canopies

This strollers spacious seats allow for a lot of room for your babies and also have padded and easily adjustable straps which offer additional comfort and can recline to an almost horizontal position which means your babies can sleep peacefully as well. The stroller also has a couple of huge sun canopies which have a roll open window too. They operate independently which is great for when one baby is awake and the other is sleeping. You can adjust the shades accordingly. (more…)

What are allergies and sensitivities to food in childhood?

Food allergy is increasingly common in young children from all over the world. The cause of allergies is due to the strengthening of the body immune to poison children, genetic factors and a number of other causes. Recent research on child care centers in NSW has showed that 86 percent of surveyed centers have at least one child with food allergy.

Do you really know about food allergies? Are there any differences between the raw milk allergy symptoms and lactose intolerance in a baby body? Can these foods cause allergies? Which foods that an allergic baby should eat? We have learned and listed the answers below to some common questions about allergies.

Do not confuse about the food allergies with food intolerance

The term food allergy and food intolerance are often used together through self-diagnosis are also very difficult because not entire children have reactions to food with the same appearance which you see. In fact, food allergies and food intolerance are different. In terms of medicine, food allergy is an immune system response in the body (with the participation of an antibody named IgE) to a protein food or a substance like this. Meanwhile, food intolerance is the less clear definition; some people call it a response to “chemical” without the involvement of the immune system and the IgE antibody. For us, it is simply the reaction of the body when not handling a certain ingredients in foods without the involvement of the immune system. For example, many babies are allergic to MSG food. (more…)

You might feel overwhelmed by the variety of balance market available on the market. Understanding what they offer and match them with what you are looking for, you will come up on the most suitable bike for yourselves. After researching and considering to learn more top rated balance bike reviews, this article will provide the top 5 balance bike for your child regarding their ages.

1. Strider 12” Version Sport with No-pedal

There are many reasons why Strider’s balance bike lies on top of the list. First, the price is reasonable and comes with high quality with 2 years warranty and versatility. It offers many colours to choose. Secondly, the seat is easily adjusted. You can drop down to your child height, no matter they are 18 months or 5 years. So, this is a good investment since the long span of ages. Furthermore, it comes with an XL seat for big kids, which is a bonus. Thirdly, the frame is lightweight which is only 6.7 pounds but able to hold up a 60-pound rider. Fourthly, its foam tires and footrests enable the kid to bring up their feed behind the seat. More fun to enjoy.

Instead of brakes, the model has safety pads and quality grips placed on the handlebars. It requires minimal assembly to use the bike. That the model can be customized for your colour options and simplicity requirement is its best features. (more…)

Infant skin is extremely smooth and delicate so that mother should always be gentle and maternal care. Infant skin can easily be hurt just because for too long exposure to sunlight, or suffer too dry air. Mothers need to keep skin care routine daily baby, baby sunscreen has just kept baby’s skin enough moisture.

Guide to combat the skin dryness and rashes for baby

Many children and adults suffer dry skin and redness on the skin. You can control the dry skin and redness using natural milk bath, keep an eye on the water temperature and do not forget to use skin moisturizer immediately after bathing. During the meal, you can add some edible oils for good health. If your baby shows signs of skin abnormalities, you should take her to a doctor or health center immediately for the proper diagnosis for skin care for babies. (more…)


Some babies are easy to sleep without needing parents to lull or soothe. Other children may prefer to be soothed and lulled. For many babies, maintaining more than a few minutes of sleep is something they need to learn.

In the coaxing child to sleep, there is no single formula for all babies. Each child has their own personality attitudes affect behaviors including sleep. Similarly, every family has their own way to let their children sleep. If your child is comfortable and happy, the current way to sleep of them is effective. You do not need to change anything. If not, you can refer to many options and tips below to improve this matter.

The first thing to remember

When your baby is tired, they are often irritable. Although they cannot say that they are tired and want to sleep but little kid always shows it in many different ways. (more…)