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Sunday, 24 June 2007
Yahoo Messenger Twitter status plugin...shortly after our series of articles on Yahoo! Messenger Skins I playing around with some graphics from Fool's House, while doing so I whipped up some more YIM skins (bee's Knitting, bee's Shark and bee's Cowboy) during this time I finally got access to Yahoo! Messenger from my Yahoo! Mail account... woohoo! I was hoping this feature would inspire me back onto the Yahoo wagon but I quickly categorised it as "too little, too late" and promptly trotted off to bee.geek.nz to blow some dust bunnies away in the hope I would find a distraction that I could get my teeth stuck into... and I found it... all thanks to Twitter and Andy's Yahoo Messenger Twitter Sync Plugin.

coffee_bee @ TwitterI'm a Twitter addict, it's a great way to stay up to date with what my friends are doing, yes I could fire up any one of the numerous Instant Messenger programs that I have but its not as simple as that, it feels time zones are always against me or my friends are at work when I have a moment to talk and vice versa or we're just too dang busy with life... take my dear wee friend Twendy. Twendy's a moderator over at WackyB.com, every now and then she passes through our WackyB.co.nz forum, she's on my Yahoo Messenger friends list, also lives in NZ so time zones aren't an issue.. but work and life zones are, yes we email spasmodically but I miss out on all her little day to day happenings... so in kicks Twitter which keeps me right up to date with all the bits I miss out on :)

Yahoo Messenger and Twitter sync pluginI've written articles about Twitter over at bee.geek, what am I doing? covered my introduction to Twitter, when I wrote my head chirps... it had just started to dawn on me that I was missing something from my new twittering life, a way to tie Twitter and Yahoo! Messenger together.. so I leaned over my desk and started nagging Andy, a week or so later he released a Yahoo Messenger Twitter Sync Plugin which is currently pending approval at the Yahoo's Messenger gallery, it may or may not get approved.. but until it's ya or na you can access his YIM Twitter Sync here which will let you update your Twitter via your Yahoo! Messenger status, and also when you update Twitter your YIM status will reflect your new "tweet"... seriously cool! You can read more about it here or check out my latest bee.geek article Yahoo Messenger + Twitter = tweet tweet... meow?

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com
Yahoo! Messenger: http://messenger.yahoo.com

Plugin: Yahoo Messenger Twitter Sync Plugin

my twitter profile: http://twitter.com/coffee_bee
Andy's twitter profile: http://twitter.com/WackyB

bee.geek.nz articles that cover Twitter:
- what am I doing?
- my head chirps
- Yahoo Messenger + Twitter = tweet tweet... meow?

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Yahoo! Messenger Skins
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Thursday, 10 May 2007
Since Yahoo!, were in part, responsible for ripping my knickers, thus freeing up the time I would normally have spent on Yahoo! Answers (in the Yahoo Messenger category) I've had some spare time on my hands...

I hummed for a little while... I then peered at my to-do list... nothing inspired me. Next I swivelled around in my chair until I was more lightheaded than I normally am... but still no inspiration... I inhaled more coffee.. not a nada of inspiration... eventually I decided to poke my nose over Andy's desk to see what he was up to... actually it was more an download our WackyB Cupid Skin for Yahoo! Messengerattempt to be annoying :D anyways, at the time he was head down bum up putting the finishing touches on YIM Skin Maker PLUS++ and there was little I could do to capture his attention.. apart from ask him about his latest project... so ask I did and that's how our new seriers of articles on Yahoo! Messenger Skins got started :)

Over the last few weeks we have been researching and plonking our way through numerous versions of Yahoo! Messenger (v5.6 though to v8.1) and trying loads of different ideas, theories and skins to get a better understanding on how it all comes together and how the skins have evolved over the years. It's been a huge learning curve but a great experience, and today we popped out the other side of the marathon effort and added our newly created skins to our Yahoo! Messenger Skins Download section, and I've just finished putting up articles which cover everything from an introduction to Yahoo! Messenger Skins through to Installing and Skin Making (including a tips & tricks article) and if you have a passion for making backwards compatible skins you may find Yahoo! Messenger Skin Reference Table  and Yahoo! Messenger v8 .xml file helpful :)

Yahoo! Messenger Pink Skin Toolbar fixFor interests sake, we also touched on the Pink Skin that Yahoo! currently has available for download on their Yahoo! Messenger website. This skin isn't currently compatible with Yahoo! Messenger v8.1 nor are the other 3 skins they provide (Celadon, Bronze, Pink, Gray / Orange), the most noticeable omission is the Plugins icon from the toolbar but we've provided some quick fix instructions for this issue, along with some more remedies for other Pink Skin quirks :)

- Yahoo! Messenger Skins
- Installing Yahoo! Messenger Skins
check out our Yahoo! Messenger Gone Fishing skin- Making Yahoo! Messenger Skins
- Skin Making Hints, Tips and Tricks
- Yahoo! Messenger Skin History
- Yahoo! Messenger Skin Reference Table  
- Yahoo! Messenger v8 .xml file
- Yahoo! Messenger Pink .xml file
- Our Yahoo! Messenger Skins (Downloads)

Last Updated ( Thursday, 10 May 2007 )
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