An Instruction For Preparing Baby Food At Home

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To prepare for your newborn babies is certainly a fun and exciting thing to do especially for first time parents. It is the fun of making a check list of things to buy and then go to baby stores for shopping, looking at all the shelf full of lovely stuff and then you cannot help imagining how cute those dresses and shoes look on your future babies or check out a baby umbrella stroller and try several models to choose one for your babies. Then the birth of your awaited angel comes, you are overwhelmed with thrilled feeling but also nervous and worries. All you can do is praying and hoping for the best but then you see your newborn for the first time, you are seemly looking at the most beautiful and most precious person in the world.

Few tough months pass by and your babies are finally old enough to eat solid food then you need to be prepared to learn to make food for your babies as they can now add more nutritious ingredients to their diets beside the utmost important breast milk. Choosing pre-made baby food which is always available at stores is also an option but it is much better for you to prepare food yourself as homemade food is richer and varied in nutrient, safer from chemical or preservation substances and can save you a substantial cost.

Getting Started With Gathering Necessary Tools And Equipment

First you need to understand the basis of baby food making process which includes these steps: boiling, mashing, pureeing then finally serving. So the initial step here is preparing enough tools to start making baby food.

I suggest that you should use a strong-power blender to accomplish the work of mashing food well as a tool with heavy-duty power will surely handle all kinds of food that you want to use from soft to tough ingredients. Besides, the combination of baby food can vary a lot so it is essential that you can get a good blender to whip up your picked food.

The second thing you need to prepare is container for food storage but using big containers is inefficient and space-consuming if you want to keep those in the fridge. Therefore, my tip for you is to using ice cube tray for storing food, by this way you can have a reasonable amount of baby food for each serving and saving money on buying new containers. Before each serving, you can just simple warm up the portion.

An Ideal Way For Organizing

You certainly have a lot of containers which belong to different types of food (apple mash, carrot mash…) so I think of an ideal way to keep those containers organized. I like to call this way of organizing food by the name labeling scheme, you just simply need to write name of the ingredient and the date of making it on a name tag and stick it to the container. By this way, you can keep track of all the food to see which can be used and which need to throw away.

Build The Tailored Food System

Well, don’t be scared of such a big name food system as it is just an essential way to keep note of what food is suitable for your children and what is not. By doing this you can avoid and stop using the type of food that can cause allergy to your babies. Then you can gradually know what food your children like and what food they don’t like, you can try different mixture in order to ensure that your babies have a system of diets with enough nutritional ingredients even from the food they dislike.

Why Choosing Organic Food

Organic food is recognized as the type of fresh food that don’t contain chemical substance and pesticides on them. You can easily find these foods on local stores and supermarkets as they are widely available and a good and reliable source of fresh and chemical-free food. Organic food has become an ideal choice of ingredients for making baby food, especially of health-conscious parents.

Your Choice Of Food Creation

You can get started with easy and basic food such as banana mash and avocado mash as they are convenient and tasty for children choice, then feel free to get creative with your own recipe of mixture and combination of baby food.

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