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Friday, 04 May 2007
Yahoo! Messenger for WEB Smileys (Emoticons)
When the new Yahoo! Messenger for Web was released Andy acquired an alarming glint in his eye (which always drives me nuts) and armed with a fresh pot of tea (he's english ;) some of his "tech" programs and Macromedia / Adobe Flash at the ready he set off on a mission, with too much spare time on his hands he was bound to find trouble.. and he succeeded on all counts *blush*. Below are his findings and a brief comparision of the smileys available in the previous Yahoo! Web Messenger, the current (Flash) version and my contribution of the v8 smileys currently available.

New 'Flash' Yahoo! Smileys
The smileys in this new Yahoo! Messenger for Web are now all Flash images (as opposed to animated .gif images in previous versions) which require Adobe Flash Player v9.

So what? ...well with animated gif files you are limited to one size only, when you try to resize them the best you can expect is a blurry/blocky representation of the original (nope it's not that you need glasses this time ;) Compare this with the flash versions below where you can resize them almost indefinitely without losing sharpness. All this sets the way for smileys that can expand/resize dynamically to jump out the screen at you (See the Yahoo! Messenger for Vista preview for an example of this in action!)

Smiley (Emoticon) Table
Below is the standard smiley table presented to you when you click smiley menu in Yahoo! Messenger for Web. The Key combination table on the right shows the text which is entered when you select each smiley.
:) :( ;) :d ;;)
(:| :x :"> :p :-*
=(( :o :ar! :> b-)
:-s #:-s >:) =p~ [-(
:| /:) :-$ <):) :-b
all the smileys shown are Copyright © 2007 Yahoo! Inc

By now you should have spotted the new addition to the Yahoo! Smiley family shown above, it sits on the drop down menu (3 in from the left, 3 down) for quick and easy access, this smiley only works in the web based version, Yahoo! Messenger desktop users (up to v8.1.0.249) can't see nor use it..
keycombination :ar!

what you may not be aware of though, is the 2nd additon to the Yahoo! Smiley family that hasn't been included on the drop down menu...
keycombination :bz

As a comparison, so you can see just how much our smileys have evolved over the years, below are the smiley tables from Yahoo's previous (java) Web Messenger and what's currently available on the drop down menu in v8.1 of Yahoo! Messenger.
Yahoo's previous
(java) Web Messenger
v8.1 of Yahoo! Messenger
© Yahoo! Messenger v7  smiley drop down menu

Yahoo! Messenger for WEB and Yahoo! Messenger v8.1 standard Smileys (Emoticons)

Smiley Web Key
Description v8 Smileys v8 Key
:) :-) happy © Yahoo! happy :-) :)
:( :-( sad © Yahoo! sad :-( :(
;) ;-) winking © Yahoo! winking ;-) ;)
:d :-d big grin © Yahoo! big grin :-d :d :-D :D
;;) ;;-) batting eyelashes © Yahoo! batting eyelashes ;;)
>:d< big hug © Yahoo! big hug >:D<
:-/ :-\ confused © Yahoo! confused :-\ :-/
:x :-x love struck © Yahoo! love struck :-X :X :-x :x
:"> blushing © Yahoo! blushing :">
:p :-p tongue © Yahoo! tongue :-p :p :-P :P
:-* :* =* kiss © Yahoo! kiss :* :-*
=(( broken heart © Yahoo! broken heart =((
:o :-o surprise © Yahoo! surprise :o :-o :O :-O
x-( x( angry © Yahoo! angry x-( x( X-( X(
:> :-> smug © Yahoo! smug :-> :>
b-) cool © Yahoo! cool b-) B-)
:-s worried © Yahoo! worried :-s :-S
#:-s whew! © Yahoo! whew! #:-s #:-S
>:) devil © Yahoo! devil >:)
:(( :-(( crying © Yahoo! crying :-(( :((
:)) :-)) laughing © Yahoo! laughing :-)) :))
:| :-| straight face © Yahoo! straight face :-| :|
/:) /:-) raised eyebrow © Yahoo! raised eyebrow /:)
=)) rolling on the floor laughing © Yahoo! rolling on the floor =))
o:) 0:) o:-) angel © Yahoo! angel 0:-) o:-) O:-)
:-b nerd © Yahoo! nerd :-b :-B
=; talk to the hand © Yahoo! talk to the hand =;
i-) |-) sleepy © Yahoo! sleepy |-) i-) I-)
8-| rolling eyes © Yahoo! rolling eyes 8-) 8-|
l-) loser © Yahoo! loser l-) L-)
:-& sick © Yahoo! sick :-&
:-$ don't tell anyone © Yahoo! don't tell anyone :-$
[-( not talking © Yahoo! not talking [-(
:o) :0) clown © Yahoo! clown :o) :O)
8-} silly © Yahoo! silly 8-}
<:-p party © Yahoo! party <:-p <:-P
(:| yawn © Yahoo! yawn (:|
=p~ drooling © Yahoo! drooling =p~ =P~
:-? thinking © Yahoo! thinking :-?
#-o d'oh © Yahoo! d'oh #-O #-o
=d> applause © Yahoo! applause =d> =D>
:-ss nailbiting © Yahoo! nailbiting :-Ss :-sS :-ss :-SS
@-) hypnotized © Yahoo! hypnotized @-)
:^o liar © Yahoo! liar :^o :^O
:-w waiting © Yahoo! waiting :-W :-w
:-< sigh © Yahoo! sigh :-<
>:p phbbbbt © Yahoo! phbbbbt >:p >:P
<):) cowboy © Yahoo! cowboy <):)
:@) pig © Yahoo! pig :@)
3:-o 3:-0 cow © Yahoo! cow 3:-o 3:-O
:(|) monkey © Yahoo! monkey :(|)
~:> chicken © Yahoo! chicken ~:>
@};- rose © Yahoo! rose @};-
%%- good luck © Yahoo! good luck %%-
**== flag © Yahoo! flag **==
(~~) pumpkin © Yahoo! pumpkin (~~)
~o) coffee © Yahoo! coffee ~o) ~O)
*-:) idea © Yahoo! idea *-:)
8-x skull © Yahoo! skull 8-x 8-X
=:) =:-) bug © Yahoo! bug =:)
>-) alien © Yahoo! alien >-)
:-l frustrated © Yahoo! frustrated :-l :-L
[-o< praying © Yahoo! praying [-o< [-O<
$-) money eyes © Yahoo! money eyes $-)
:-" whistling © Yahoo! whistling :-"
b-( feeling beat up © Yahoo! feeling beat up B-( b-(
:)>- peace sign © Yahoo! peace sign :)>-
[-x shame on you © Yahoo! shame on you [-x [-X
\:d/ dancing © Yahoo! dancing \:d/ \:D/
>:/ bring it on © Yahoo! bring it on >:/
;)) hee hee © Yahoo! hee hee ;))
o-> hiro © Yahoo! chatterbox o->
o=> billy © Yahoo! not worthy o=>
o-+ april © Yahoo! oh go on o-+
(%) yin yang © Yahoo! star (%)
:-@ chatterbox © Yahoo! hiro :-@
^:)^ not worthy © Yahoo! billy ^:)^
:-j oh go on © Yahoo! april :-J :-j
(*) star © Yahoo! yin yang (*)
:)] on the phone © Yahoo! on the phone :)]
:-c call me © Yahoo! call me :-C :-c
~x( at wits' end © Yahoo! at wits' end ~x( ~X(
:-h wave © Yahoo! wave :-H :-h
:-t time out © Yahoo! time out :-T :-t
8-> daydreaming © Yahoo! daydreaming 8->
:-?? I don't know © Yahoo! I don't know :-??
%-( not listening © Yahoo! not listening %-(
:o3 puppy dog eyes :O3 :o3

##   = Key combination does NOT work in web messenger
##   = Key combination new to web messenger only

Case Sensitivity : smiley codes in the web version are case insensitive... meaning :d is as good as :D

Blushing : Subtle in the previous versions.. now transforms in to a Tangerine orange.

Broken Heart : Added a crumbling animation after the heart split.

Angry : No steam coming out the ears this time round...simply a teeth grinding head shake!

Both laughing & Rolling on the floor laughing : Essentially the same.. slightly more animated and some extra frames.

Angel : ...has got herself some new wings :)

Clown : sees the return of the original colour clown... but now with a Stephen King style twist at the end! :o

Cowboy : Old smiley his hat drops over his eyes and gets poked back up with one finger... replaced with a hand grip and more of a howdy raise.

Coffee : Hoping they made up a fresh pot :p (shame it's still not any bigger!)

Idea : Eeeeek! it's lost it's face!

Skull : Makes a revamped blast from the past

Bug Smiley : The web version will randomly change from it's red bug colour into either yellow, blue or green.

Frustrated : Gets to vent some of that built up frustration with a animation...

Feeling beat up : Has a smug look to begin with.. and pays for it later with a bigger 'mouth stretching' blow... Ouch!

Shame on you : Changes from an ignored 'nup' to a very direct 'No NO NO!'

Star : Caught the same bug as poor lightbulb, losing it's face and colour :(

Puppy dog eyes : This is the most significant change to the default smiley set; guess the puppy dog has grown up a little...(make sure you wipe your monitor after using this one :p )

Yahoo! Web Messenger Only NEW Smileys (Emoticons)
Only two of the Smileys shown below (Pirate and Bee) are currently available for use in the new web (browser) based version of Yahoo! Messenger. Andy stumbled across the others during his "mission", so they may, or may not, ever actually make it to an official future release or version... only time will tell :) Andy's personal favourite is the "explosion" which is similar to the one featured in Emotiblaster. Personally I feel some of smileys he dug up are a bit on the.. umm.. wild side *cough* and I don't believe they will / should, make it to any future versions.. while flipping someone off is tempting I kinda think that it will bring more trouble than pleasure ;)

Smiley Key
Ninja fight
:ar! Pirate
Thrown tomato
Bride (two versions)
Hula girl
Hot Chili
Wacky bee :)

##   = Not currently available/active
Italic   = Unconfirmed
Italic   = Not currently available/active & Unconfirmed

Yahoo! Messenger for WEB Reserved Smileys (Emoticons)
(The following key combinations do not currently create a smiley graphic but are unavailable for use in your conversations as they are converted to a blank smiley. Using these combinations will count towards your smiley display quota per message (currently 6))

Smiley Key Combination
* BLANK * >:o
* BLANK * %-}
* BLANK * <^>
* BLANK * (|)
* BLANK * /\/*
* BLANK * >:#
* BLANK * :)~*
* BLANK * :~)
* BLANK * ->xo
* BLANK * |:d|

all the smileys shown on this page are Copyright © 2004-2007 Yahoo! Inc

Last Updated ( Tuesday, 15 May 2007 )

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