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Written by Andy   
Saturday, 16 June 2007
WackyB's Twitter Sync Plugin for Yahoo! Messenger

Twitter-Sync is a new plug-in from WackyB that lets you keep Twittering away when using your favorite Instant Messenger :) It's main features are:

  • Keeps your Messenger status and Twitter in synchronization with each other
  • Changing your Yahoo! Messenger status updates your Twitter automatically!
  • Update your Yahoo! Messenger status from anywhere in the world! Messenger status automatically updates to show your latest Twitter!
  • See your friends latest Twitters right in your messenger window...
  • Expanded window shows the last 10 Tweets from you and your friends
  • Alerts and notifications for new Tweets received
  • Twitter-Sync will NOT update your status if you are currently Invisible
  • Lots of options to configure Twitter-Sync how you want!
Update: v3 (24th June 07)

Twitter-Sync has been updated, it's the same download below (previous users simply download again and overwrite the original). Improved features include:

  • Options to control the busy state (busy icon) of your Yahoo! Messenger status when it updates from your twitter.
  • Mouse over text shows time as ....minutes/hours/days ago rather than the time of update

For More information about the updates check out bee's ramblings here...

Download / Install

WackyB Twitter-Sync is currently in Beta release pending approval before being made available to everyone of Yahoo's Messenger gallery. This page will be updated with full install details once it is available from the gallery.

The plugin has been approved by Yahoo! and you can now download it from:

You can still use Twitter-Sync while it is in Beta by installing as a test plugin. Simply install the plugin from the download file below. Once installed you can run the plugin from the main Yahoo! Messenger window; Select the 'Actions' menu where you should see a new menu item 'Load Test Plug-in'. Click 'OK' to the message box and you are up and running :)

Previous Tester / Beta version: WackyB_Twitter_Sync-Yahoo_Plugin.exe (70Kb)

Let us know on our forum if you have any comments / suggestions.


Main Plugin Window

Twitter-Sync main plugin window looks like this when you load it. It sits below your friends list with your other plugin windows.

The 'Updating...' indicator in the top left comes and goes to show you when it's communicating with Twitter to retrieve your latest Tweets or when it's updating your Twitter from your Yahoo! Messenger status change.

The last Twitter from you and your friends is shown in the main window.

  • You can hold your mouse over the avatar to display the Twitter username and the time the Twitter was updated.
  • Click the avatar to open that users Twitter profile in a web browser
  • Click the Twitter text to open up a quick preview window of the past 10 Twitters received.

:: Setup Twitter :: Click to open up the settings and configuration window. You will need to enter your Twitter username and password along with some general preferences (you can leave as the defaults).

:: Update Now :: Click this to retrieve the latest Twitters and update your status with your last Twitter (Status will not be updated if 'Pause Updates' is selected or your current Messenger status is Invisible)

:: Pause Updates :: Use this to temporarily pause updates of your Messenger status and your Twitter. You will still receive the latest Twitters from you and your friends in the plugin window and alerts, but your status will NOT be updated or synchronized with each other.


Settings Window

The settings window will open for you when you first run the plug-in. The most important information to enter is your Twitter account details. If you don't already have a Twitter account (why not! :p ) then you can get one here:


(Remember to click the 'Done' button when you are finished to save your changes!)

Options in detail

  • Retrieve your Twitter Status: You can set how often Twitter-Sync will check for updates to you and your friends Twitter. If your twitters are not updated very often then set this to a longer time. Think of it as checking for new E-mail.
  • Make Your Messenger status a link to your Twitter page: Selecting this will let other users click your status in Yahoo! Messenger to visit your Twitter page and view all your Twitters
  • Append '(busy)' text to Twitter update if busy status selected in Messenger: With this option enabled, when you change your Yahoo! Messenger status to show the busy icon, your Twitter will be updated with the text '(busy)' at the end to show this.
  • Start Twitter Sync with updates paused: When you start Twitter-Sync normally it will retrieve your latest Twitter and update your Yahoo! Messenger status with this latest Twitter (unless your current status is Invisible). With this option selected your status will not be changed as updates are paused.
  • Play sound when new Tweet received: When a new Tweet is received you will hear a sound with this option selected
  • Pop-up alert when new Tweet received: Displays a pop-up (toast) window in the bottom right corner with every Twitter update
  • Update Twitter with custom Messenger status changes only: Updates your Twitter ONLY when you enter your own custom status message in Yahoo! Messenger. When you select one of the preset status messages your Messenger status will change but your Twitter will not be updated. Twitter updates are temporarily paused while you are using a preset status (shown with the grayed out 'Pause Updates' box). This prevents a busy status from being overwritten by a Twitter update.
  • Update Twitter with ALL Messenger status changes: Here ALL your status changes are updated to your Twitter, including your preset status. Twitter updates will still be able to change your Yahoo! Messenger status with this option selected.

Twitter Friends

The expanded friends list can be viewed from clicking the Twitter text in the main plugin window.

Shown are the latest 10 Twitters from you and your friends. Hold your mouse over the avatar to display the update time. Click the avatar image to view that friends Twitter page in a web browser.

Popup Alert Window

When enabled, the latest Twitters received can be displayed in a popup (toast) window. The users avatar and Twitter message is displayed. Click the avatar to be taken to that users Twitter page in your browser window.

Summery & Problems (what are you doing?)

WackyB Twitter Sync if a fun plugin for use with Yahoo! Messenger. It can be used to quickly and easily keep track of your Twitter friends, be notified when new Twitters are received and lets you update both your Yahoo! Messenger status and your Twitter at the same time! Updating your Twitter from anywhere in the world (Web/mobile phone/other application) will update your Yahoo! Messenger status for all your Messenger friends to see!

If you experience any problems with this plugin please see our plugin help pages [here...]

Check that your Twitter account details are entered correctly and that the Twitter service is not temporarily unavailable.

If you still have problems then drop by our forums to see if we can help. Don't forget you can now login to our forums with your Yahoo! ID so no need to register to post a question :) a Twitter friend to test it out on?

You can add Andy via his twitter profile at
You can add Bee via her twitter profile at
There are also a couple of Twitter related articles over at, what am I doing?, my head chirps and Yahoo Messenger + Twitter = tweet tweet... meow? that you might be interested in :)

Last Updated ( Monday, 13 October 2008 )

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