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NEW v1.24 released 25th Aug 2006

v1.04 released 10th Aug 2006


WackyB Yahoo! Messenger Archive Viewer

-Lets you view your message archive offline

To Download v1.24 click [here...] (2.5mb)

Yahoo Archive Viewer is a offline archive reader for Yahoo Instant Messenger. Yahoo Messenger has a built-in viewer but it requires you to be logged in and online to view your archives which are stored locally on your drive; The built-in reader is slow, does not allow searching and saving is only individual dates plain text. If you have lost your ID or password or for whatever reason no longer have access to your account you can never view those archives with Yahoo Messenger.

WackyB Archive Viewer has the following main features:

• View message archives for any ID used without logging into Yahoo Messenger.
• Does not require Yahoo Messenger to be installed to read archived messages
• Fast! (up to 8x faster then Yahoo)
• View alternate accounts without having to log off and in*
• Search : Quick find, Global and user advanced options
• Export, save to file as plain/rich text including graphic smileys
• Export single date or entire user archive to plain/rich text*
• Message statistics
• Web link extract, locates and displays any web links exchanged in conversation
• See message in original fonts/style and colours
UPDATE: to include all the hidden/secret graphic smileys (v8.0)
• Change file path for archives to point to your backup copy*
• Drag'n'drop support useful when recovering deleted archives*
• Funky interface : Keep on top of other windows, Transparent window
NEW: Windows Live Messenger (MSN) smiley compatible
NEW: Auto detect time zone
NEW: Printing options include current chat and print ALL dates for user
FREE: bonus software updates users archive preferences without logging in! [here...]

*Some advanced features require registration


Click thumbnail to view screenshot and main features

Example output files:

WackyB Archive Viewer can export your archives to either plain text or rich text. Example files below show some typical output, Rich text documents can be opened in word pad (supplied with windows) or most other word processing applications (including Microsoft Word). The last example shows the rich text saved in Microsoft Word as HTML.

Example1 :: Plain text
Example2 :: Rich text
Example3 :: Web Page (HTML)

NEW: Printing options:

New printing options allow direct printing from WackyB Archive Viewer, as you would expect both current chat and date range printing options are available letting you quickly, easily and accurately print entire chat logs. As with viewed conversations optional stats, time stamps and graphic smileys can be selected.

WackyB Archive Viewer uses static smileys for display and printing so unlike printing direct from Yahoo Messenger the correct meaning can be understood:

From Yahoo: >
< :From WackyB Archive Viewer

Example output:

WackyB Archive Viewer

Yahoo Messenger


To Download v1.24 click [here...] (2.5mb)

Free for personal use but your support is appreciated. To use advanced features or for commercial use please register using our automated system below. Your unlock key will be sent within seconds of payment received. Now available for the special price of only $9.95

Yahoo Archive Viewer
Only US$9.95

Details for registered users on how to activate click [here...]

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If you experience any problems while installing, using, or registering please contact us online at our forums www.wackyb.co.nz/vb
or online using Yahoo Messenger (ID: stickercam)

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